A wine cabinet need to be placed in a dark place. They must be protect from direct sunlight, or any heat sources such as oven or floor heating.

Freestanding wine coolers are not allowed to place in a counter or in a column. If so the appliances will not be able to work properly due to not sufficient air ventilation. Inappropriate placement will shorten the lifespan of the wine cab.

We do not recommend to place a wine cabinet directly above floor heating. The heat coming from the floor affects the cooling performance of the unit. The compressor will works more than it should which leading to reduced lifespan.

Undercounter models has a front ventilation grill. It must be let free for proper air ventilation. If a plinth is designed into the kitchen furniture we recommend to remove the original grill from the wine cabinet and install a ventilation

All doors are reversible except the appliances from the Home series.

This makes the wine coolers extremely easy to install as the vents usually required to create the air flow are no longer needed. There is a ventilation grille at the bottom of the cooler which allows the cool air to reach the compressor, at the top there is another ventilation grill which allows the warm air to escape. This means that integrated units can now be installed underneath worktops making them extremely easy to incorporate into modern kitchens.

Only the Home series allows to place opened bottles in the wine cooler. Home series has a dedicated storage area for opened bottles at the bottom of the cabinet.