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Sera - Champagne Wine Fridge

The advantages of wine coolers for everyone’s favourite wine brands - whether it is red wine, white wine, rosé, etc are clear to see by the public when preserving wine. The cooling systems, temperature control and many more features that are ageing wines correctly - it is well documented that this could help store other beverages too. Alongside wine, champagne is another well-favoured alcoholic beverage among the UK public. With champagne bottles being similar in shape to wine bottles, all wine cooler models (single zone or dual zone wine cooler) can be tailored to champagne. View what you can purchase in our Sera collection, here at Dunavox!


What is a Champagne Wine Fridge?

As a wine collector (often referred to as a wine enthusiast) begins to see the benefits of storing their wine efficiently and effectively - champagne is also heavily involved in practical preservation too! With freestanding wine coolers, under-counter wine coolers and integrated wine coolers being a staple for wine bottles, it was well-documented that champagne needed its own model and design and that is what we've done! Although wine and champagne have a few similarities, there are also contrasting features that need to be considered when manufacturing a design for a champagne bottle.

Each feature of our champagne wine fridge will ...