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FLOW - Under Counter

Under-counter wine coolers, also known as built-in wine coolers, are designed to be installed in kitchens - specifically under kitchen counters/ breakfast bars. The wine coolers in the Dunavox Flow Collection match the height of your typical kitchen counter. However, be sure to check the dimensions to ensure that the wine cooler you choose will fit in your kitchen seamlessly. 

This collection of wine fridges works in a similar way to other under-counter appliances such as under-counter wine refrigerators and freezers in terms of ventilation. Your standard under-counter wine unit measures around 82cm in height and 50cm in width - however, in this collection of under-counter wine coolers, you can find wine coolers in a variety of sizes to match your kitchen interior. Our smallest model in this display stores just 9 bottles of wine - and measures 82cm in height, 15cm in width, and 52cm in depth.

Our largest wine fridge in the Flow collection contains up to 46 standard Bordeaux bottles. It measures 82cm in height, 59cm in width, and 56cm in depth. In this collection, you’re certain to find the right wine cooler to fit into your kitchen seamlessly. Whether you prefer a slim wine fridge or a wide wine fridge, the Flow collection is easily the best place to find the perfect wine cooler for you.

When installing this wine cooler, be sure t ...