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No matter your experience with wine tasting, there is something about wine coolers that will make your experience more enjoyable - whether that be your tried and tested brand of wine or a new one on the horizon.

Wine coolers are renowned for their beautiful aesthetic and smart features that provide unmatched bottles of wine for the typical wine lover to indulge in. With the execution being so varied across your wine collection, it’s often that people wonder where to begin with wine storage.

Wine fridges have the sole purpose of providing optimal performance to your beverage, whether it be red wines, pinot noir, fine wines and many other options. Let’s take a deeper look at how you can use the tools/accessories below to optimise or start a wine collection for good, today!


Different Types of Wine Coolers

Here at Dunavox, we provide a variety of alternatives for our customers so you have the capabilities of choosing the product(s) that will suit your needs the most. Whether you need two wine coolers in certain areas with opposing functions - we have a solution for you. Or, you may only need a singular wine fridge but not know where to begin.

Well, luckily - we have an array of different modelled wine coolers with dissimilar capacities/sizes also. Below, we will walk you through the range of wine coolers we hav ...