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GRANDE - Large Capacity

Large-capacity wine coolers are wine coolers specifically designed to store large quantities of wine - typically between 70 bottles to over 200 bottles. You can find both personal wine coolers and commercial wine coolers that have a large capacity, and you can fit them into pretty much any environment. If you’re looking for a large wine refrigerator, look no further than the Dunavox Grande Collection.

The smallest wine fridge in the Dunavox Grande collection stores up to 70 standard Bordeaux wine bottles, which is ideal for larger wine collections. We have wine refrigerators that can store up to 194 bottles. Large wine coolers can come in three designs - freestanding, built-in, and integrated.

Typical large-capacity wine coolers tend to be freestanding, as it can be more difficult to accommodate hundreds of wine bottles within kitchen cabinet space. That being said, at Dunavox, we do have wine coolers that can be integrated into your kitchen. In our Grande collection, you can find freestanding and integrated wine coolers that will fit seamlessly into any home, regardless of your interior design.


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