A Guide To The Dunavox Grande Range

  • 2021-12-19

A wine cooler could be just the thing you need to lengthen the life of your wine, serve it correctly, and age it in the perfect way. At Dunavox, we know all about the nuances involved with wine storage - and we know what works and what doesn’t.

The Dunavox Grande Range is perfect for homes and businesses, allowing you to store larger collections in the best possible way. Keep reading to learn more about wine coolers and what they do, and for some information about the Dunavox Grande Range.


What Exactly Is a Wine Cooler?

A wine cooler is an appliance designed specifically for storing wine. You may think that wine coolers simply keep your wine cool, but wine coolers take into account temperature, sunlight, humidity, and even vibrations - providing the perfect environment for wine storage. Wine is best served and stored at a certain temperature - to be specific, wine should be stored at between 11°C and 14°C. Wine coolers can provide the perfect temperature for your wine collection.

Some wine coolers also feature dual temperature zones or multi-temperature zones, which allow you to store your reds, whites, and sparkling wines at separate temperatures within the same unit, as well as keep wine stored in the long term at one temperature while preparing wine for serving at a different temperature.

However, the temperature isn’t all you need to consider when storing your wine collection. If you expose your wine to sunlight, then your wine will likely age quickly and develop unwanted and unpleasant flavours and aromas, which are typically bitter.

Wine coolers can protect your wine from sunlight. The UV rays found in sunlight can be especially dangerous for wine stored in clear bottles. Green bottles offer some protection, but not enough to keep your wine protected in the long term. Wine coolers with glass doors can still keep your wine protected from UV rays if the glass has been UV-treated or if it’s tinted.

Another thing that a wine cooler can protect your wine from is humidity. Your wine collection needs a little humidity in order to keep the cork in place, but if your wine is stored in conditions with too much or not enough humidity, the cork could slip out of place and expose your wine to oxygen - which is a quick killer of wine.

Too much humidity can cause moisture to accumulate around the bottle, which can damage the label - which is something no collector or wine investor wants to happen. Wine coolers can regulate the humidity levels, ensuring that your wine remains as fresh as possible, and the cork remains exactly where it should be.

You can find wine coolers with different features that can make your wine storage a little easier. For example, some wine coolers come with an alarm that sounds if the temperature falls out of the desired range, or if you leave the door open. You can also find wine coolers that have a lock and key, which is ideal if you live with children, teenagers, or you don’t trust your flatmate!

There are three main types of wine cooler - freestanding, built-in, and fully integrated. Freestanding wine coolers give you lots of freedom when placing them, and they can be placed pretty much anywhere providing there’s enough space for ventilation. However, build-in and integrated wine coolers are typically restricted to kitchen space, designed to be installed into kitchen cabinets or breakfast bars.


The Dunavox Grande Range

You’re sure to find the perfect wine cooler for you, whether you choose a quality wine fridge from our Glance Range, Soul Range, Flow Range, Home Range, EOL Range, or the Grande range. Our Grande Range features premium wine coolers that are perfect for the professional storage of large wine collections - and can be installed into commercial environments.

In this range, you can find a variety of designs. Whether you’re on the market for a built-in cooler for your kitchen, hotel, or bar, or you’re looking for a freestanding unit that you can place anywhere in your home or business, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in the Dunavox Grande Collection.

Some of our units can easily be built-in or integrated into cabinets and bar spaces, as some of them are front-venting. The place in which the vents are located ultimately determines where exactly the wine cooler can be placed. In this range, you can also find wine coolers with single temperature zones and wine coolers that feature dual temperature zones - which is ideal for larger collections.

Having two or more temperature zones within a wine fridge allows you to store your different types of wine at separate temperatures, or store wine for serving at the ideal serving temperature while having wine stored in the long term at the optimal storage temperature for ageing.

If you have a wine collection of up to 181 bottles, then the Dunavox Grande Range is for you. Our largest wine coolers in this range are the DX-181.490DBK and the DX-181.490SDSK. The DBK features a sleek black exterior, while the SDSK has a stylish silver exterior with a stainless steel handle. Both of these wine coolers have two temperature zones, convenient interior lighting, fan assisted cooling, humidity control, UV protection, and a touch screen display.

The smallest wine coolers in our Grande Range can accommodate up to 70 bottles - the DX-70.258B and the DX-70.258S. The former has a black design whereas the latter has a silver exterior. Despite being the smallest in this range, these wine coolers both have two temperature zones to enhance your wine storage. These wine coolers are ideal for modern kitchens as well as commercial environments such as restaurants or hotels.

The DX-70.258B and DX-70.258S feature multi-LED lights - white, amber, and blue two-side. Both units are suitable for freestanding or built-in use, giving you more freedom when it comes to placement. All of the units in the Grande range are conveniently quiet - with some with a sound output as low as 38dB, which is pretty much as low as it gets for wine coolers. However, the majority have a sound output of a healthy 40dB.