A Guide To The Dunavox Soul Range

  • 2021-10-11

Wine is best stored in certain conditions - conditions that can be created by a quality wine cooler, fridge, or cellar. No matter how big or small your wine collection is, you should be storing it in the best way - and wine stored in a wine cooler is sure to taste fresher, age well, and look better.

There are countless wine coolers on the market, but none quite compare to the integrated coolers we offer in our Soul range. Keep reading for our guide to the Dunavox Soul Range.


What Is A Wine Cooler?

A wine cooler is a unit that stores your wine in optimal conditions. Most wine coolers will not only keep your wine cool but also regulate humidity levels and protect your wine collection from sunlight.

Wine is best stored at between 11°C and 14°C, and white and sparkling wines can be stored at slightly lower temperatures for serving. Keeping your wine within this temperature range will ensure that your wine remains fresh for longer, and tastes as great as it did when it was made - if not better!

Some wine coolers will allow you to store your collection in multiple temperature zones, meaning you can have the majority of your wine stored at one set temperature, and then reds stored for serving at one temperature, and your whites and sparkling wines at another setting. This is ideal for larger wine collections - as most smaller-sized coolers will only have one temperature zone.

Wine coolers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some storing just one bottle and others storing over 200. However, the three main designs are freestanding, built-in, and integrated.

Freestanding wine coolers are one of the most popular types, and they stand freely which means you have plenty of freedom when it comes to placement. However, depending on where the vents are located, you should leave between 5cm and 5cm of space around the rear and sides of the unit for optimal airflow and to prevent overheating.

You may be able to place freestanding units under cabinet space - but it’s important to check with the manufacturer as the majority of freestanding units need plenty of space above the unit for ventilation.

Built-in wine coolers are designed to fit in kitchen spaces such as under counters or inside cabinets with the door clearly visible. There are also certain installation requirements to consider when installing a built-in unit - such as ensuring that the vent isn’t covered. Typically, you’ll need to leave a few centimetres around a built-in wine fridge to prevent overheating.


What Is A Fully Integrated Wine Cooler?

Fully integrated wine coolers are similar to built-in wine coolers, but instead of having a visible door, the unit is completely enclosed in a cabinet. Our Soul Range consists of premium wine coolers that are designed to be integrated into kitchen spaces.

This design of wine cooler is typically more expensive - as they have very specific installation requirements, and require a fair amount of manpower to integrate the unit into your home. Integrated wine coolers are extremely popular as they offer a sleek and seamless look, and fit perfectly into the interior of your kitchen.

You can find various types of wine coolers to match your requirements - some wine coolers will have a glass door so you can proudly display your collection, some will have alarms for temperature and the door, and some will have digital control panels that allow you to control the temperature, the lights, and even humidity.

The size of the wine cooler will often depend on how big a space you have in your kitchen - if you only have a small nook available, you can find a small wine cooler that only stores around 16 bottles, which is ideal for keeping wine for serving. However, if you have a large fridge-sized cabinet space, you can find an integrated wine cooler that can store over 100 bottles with ease.

You don’t usually have to worry about ventilation space with integrated wine coolers, as the vents are often located near the front of the unit. However, when you locate the vents, ensure that the vent isn’t covered to ensure that the compressor doesn’t overheat.

Depending on the size, many integrated wine coolers will offer dual or multiple temperature zones so you can store your wine in the long term while having wine ready to be served.


The Dunavox Soul Range

At Dunavox, we are very proud of our Soul Range. Our Soul Range consists of premium kitchen integrated wine coolers, all of which have an elegant exterior and can be seamlessly installed into your kitchen.

The exterior of our units in this range is always aesthetically pleasing, with either a modern black or a stylish stainless steel exterior, with black or stainless steel handles. Our Dunavox Soul wine coolers feature an integrated ventilation system, so the cool air reaches the compressor through a ventilation grille at the bottom of the unit. The warm air escapes the unit from the top of the cooler.

Because of this, the wine coolers can be installed underneath worktops, and can easily be installed into any modern kitchen. The smallest unit in the Soul collection can store a maximum of 18 bottles, whereas the largest can accommodate up to 89 standard Bordeaux bottles, which is the perfect choice for any medium to large wine collection.

The last thing you want when you’re trying to enjoy a quiet morning in your kitchen is a loud humming noise - which is why our units have a quiet noise output of just 40dB. You can proudly display your wine collection in our Soul coolers - simply place them on the quality solid beech wood shelves provided and you can clearly see them through the UV-treated glass doors.

There are also LED lights inside the unit so you have a clear view of your bottles - the lights come in blue, orange, and white. We offer a three-year warranty on any unit from the Dunavox Soul Range for your peace of mind - not that you’ll need it, as our units never fail to exceed expectations.