Are Stainless Steel Wine Coolers Popular?

  • 2022-06-07

The luxury of having a wine cooler in your household - whether it be freestanding, built-in or fully integrated is one to cherish… especially if you’re a wine collector or enthusiast.

No matter if it's food, cocktail ingredients or any type of food or beverage - they need to be stored properly with a lot of care because they’re not going to stay fresh forever.

But is a stainless steel wine cooler optimal, or is there a hidden reason why you shouldn’t invest in one? Read along with us to find out more about stainless steel and whether it is suitable and popular for wine coolers.


Stainless Steel Uses and Properties

Having any type of stainless steel within your household is known to have different corrosion properties such as being non-corrosive and rust-resistant. These properties are directly assigned to stainless steel and in comparison to aluminium - it is approximately 3 times as heavy.

Among these properties, stainless steel is also an alloy which always consists of different materials. The most frequent being chrome in stainless steel - where nickel and molybdenum are used for more specialised applications.

Steel will have more than 10.5% of chromium content - as well as other components in a smaller mass is when it’s considered to be stainless. Not only is this used for aircraft construction, medical technology and more - but it is used in the food and catering industry.

For example, in this industry, stainless steel is used to manufacture kitchen equipment and cookware accessories such as cutlery (knives, forks and spoons), grills, cook pans and many more.

Stainless steel can also be used for other sizeable kitchen additions such as freezers, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc. In food production, stainless steel is the perfect option as it won’t affect the flavour of your food or beverage. But what are the benefits of this material and why is it used so often?


Benefits of Stainless Steel

Now that you know what stainless steel can be used for and the many industries that it generates its own service within, let’s run through exactly what the strengths are within this form of steel:


The Aesthetic

Before we get into the technical aspects of why stainless steel is used in multiple industries around the world - the steel also has great architecture and aesthetics when clean. Its classic, yet modern look to it makes it perfect for most kitchen environments. All of these easy-on-the-eye features have no effect on the practicability or functionality of the accessories either - making it an all-in-one masterpiece.



Most of the stainless steel you use or see within any corporation will be made with recyclable materials or permit you access to recycling the material once you’ve finished with its use. Due to the materials not deteriorating after being recycled - it is possible for them to be used over and over again. Not only that, but it will benefit the environment massively due to there not being much reproduction of stainless steel constantly being pumped out of factories.



One of the most fundamental properties of any type of metal is that it needs to remain strong. Whether this is very high or low temperatures, you should always be looking for appliances that perform well in this environment. Stainless steel is extremely high in strength no matter the external influence - making it a very sought-after metal for demanding applications.


Easy to Clean Material

Compare stainless steel to any other metal and it will come out on top most of the time. As it is one of the most hygienic materials - this is why catering and medical accessories are made from stainless steel. For example, a knife is made mostly from stainless steel and you will wash and re-use these time and time again. This material doesn’t support the growth of bacteria and is easy to clean - hence the low maintenance required.


Should you Invest in a Stainless Steel Wine Cooler?

Knowing the benefits and markets that stainless steel is used in - there is no doubt that a wine cooler would suit this type of material within a household or commercial kitchen. When manufacturers of wine coolers started seeing these benefits in this type of metal - it has become a regular feature on many different wine cooler models. Whether refurbished or brand new, stainless steel has made its mark in this industry.

Wine coolers are made with stainless steel on the door handle most of the time and now some are becoming fully integrated with this metal. The sale and demand for this material among the population of wine enthusiasts and collectors are becoming much higher - due to them seeing the benefits of the work.

Not only will you see a classy, lavish wine cooler when you walk into your kitchen or place of work - you will have a more free state of mind knowing that this is a very low-maintenance option for storing wine. Even after being refurbished and recycled a handful of times, it will allow you to still display a shiny, gleaming appearance to your network, family and friends.

The wine community is starting to understand that stainless steel is widely available among the wine coolers that they can choose from for delivery. The elegance of stainless steel will certainly match your wine glasses - oozing a classy ambience within the household. Your wine bottle(s) will also be kept ice cold with many intelligent features whilst looking beautiful from the outside.

Here at Dunavox, we certainly recommend that you consider looking for a wine cooler with some form of stainless steel on it - especially if you have a modernised kitchen. The number of benefits completely overweigh any of the cons. Having a kitchen similar to a bar whilst collecting your favourite types of wine will add a sense of excitement and uniqueness to your home.

If you’re wondering where you can find wine cooler models with stainless steel features, browse our extensive collection of wine coolers.