Best Dunavox Range for Large Wine Collections

  • 2022-05-13

For people with a passion for wine - you may find it difficult to store your wine in the correct places. Large collections of wine can be a struggle if you’re unaware of what to incorporate into your home to make it easier.

At Dunavox, we’re aware of all the subtle differences between different types of wine storage and what a single collection needs for a successful and tasty wine. If you’re unsure about the topic and are interested in learning more about how you manage and store your large wine collection with a plethora of large wine coolers, keep reading along with us!


What Are Large Volume Wine Coolers?

Large-capacity wine coolers are specifically built and structured to store large amounts of wine - ranging from 70 to 300 bottles. Whether it’s a wine fridge for your kitchen or to be kept in your basement - they can fit just about anywhere with the right amount of space provided.

If the large wine cooler is filled to the maximum capacity this doesn’t mean that the function of the fridge works any differently. As long as your wine cooler is kept out of sunlight, has room to ventilate and is set at the correct temperature (11°C and 14°C) - your wine will blossom in perfect condition. However, certain wine coolers have UV-protected glass - meaning that even if the sunlight rays hit the glass, the UV-treated glass will protect your wine from any short, mid and long-term damage.

Similarly, the temperature - if it exceeds or is too cold, certain wine coolers have built-in alarms that will recognise the levels of potential damage and alert you when there seems to be a problem.

There are also many different wine coolers - including a freestanding wine cooler, built-in wine cooler and fully integrated wine cooler. Freestanding wine fridges allow you to place them anywhere in the household with the ability to move them if needed. Built-in wine and fully integrated wine coolers on the other hand are usually restricted to the kitchen - as they are built to be installed into kitchen cabinets, breakfast bars or under counters.

There are many wine coolers on the market, some with only a few features and accessories that can be quite hit or miss. However, here at Dunavox, we have a specifically tailored collection of wine coolers for large capacities of wine to help your wine drinking experience stay at its peak. Let’s take a look through our most suitable ranges for large collections of wine!


Best Dunavox Range for Large Wine Collections

Here at Dunavox, we knew that wine is one of the most luxurious and pleasurable drinks in the industry - and providing people with endless storage options and the right tools to keep their wine fresh and tasty was an easy decision to make!

This plays a huge role in why we created the Dunavox Grande range collection. This collection features high-quality wine coolers that are tailor-made for large wine collections - which not only can be stored in your household but also in commercial environments too.

Anything from freestanding models to built-in or fully integrated models - the Dunavox Grande Range collection has all the options you need to suit whatever environment you need a wine cooler for! However, knowing where the air vent is on the wine coolers should determine where you store or install your wine cooler - whether it be in a business, a home, a bar, etc.

The Dunavox Grande range has storage space from one bottle to over 200 bottles - with the largest wine coolers being the DX-181.490DBK and DX-181.490SDSK.

Firstly, the smaller designs have two temperature zones - meaning you can enhance your wine storage. This is because different types of wines need to be stored at different temperatures. The ideal placement for these models is in a modern kitchen, a new restaurant and a bar due to them having a sleek, present-day look. On the flip side, the largest designs also have two temperature zones. This elegant wine cooler has UV protection, fan assisted cooling, humidity control and many more features.


Wine Cellar vs Wine Cooler for Large Wine Collections

If you’re thinking of buying a wine cooler, you may have come across wine cellars on your route to finding the best device to store your wine in. When crossing paths with wine cellars you could be aware that they can store over 100 bottles of wine. On the other hand, after reading this post you now know there are wine coolers that offer a much larger collection of wine bottles.

If you compare the price of the two, you will know that wine coolers that store the capacity of the wine you need are cheaper than wine cellars. A wine cooler or a wine cabinet that stores over 100 bottles of wine will end up coming to a fraction of the price that a wine cellar will tally up.

Wine cellars can cost multiple thousands of pounds, even sometimes reaching over £10,000 which will be an expensive purchase - even if it’s a long time investment. Whilst being most likely the better option if you have hundreds of bottles of wine, you have to consider the amount of space that a wine cellar will take up in your household. Wine cellars will sometimes take up a whole room - which for some people won’t be productive in the slightest.

In contrast, a wine cooler is a compact device that can be installed in your kitchen - or in some cases can be moved from room to room (if it’s a freestanding model). All the different models of wine coolers give you more freedom of where they can be in your household - making it a lot more convenient when making your final decision.

If you were unsure at first, now I hope we have made it clear what is the right choice for you moving forward when storing wine, beer, champagne or any type of drink.