Best Wine Fridge for Champagne

  • 2022-06-28

When a consumer within the champagne industry is looking for the latest tech to improve their storage techniques - wine fridges are always a common answer.

Whether you’re an avid beverage collector or relatively new to it, storage options are becoming more and more popular in the public eye - due to the endless amounts of benefits generated by the functions and features of the products.

However, if they’re typically tailored for wine storage, how will this work for champagne storage too? Are there specific models designed for the durations and chemicals of champagne? Read along to find out more information.


Is Champagne Suited to a Wine Fridge?

Like any beverage, they all have to be taken care of like the food you buy. Everything has expiry dates, but the possibility of extending or making the champagne last as long as it can is a goal of all collectors.

Having a place of storage that is undisturbed by any internal or external factors is what the champagne will need. For example, having a dark place of storage, with a valid temperature and humidity level consistently throughout each duration of cooling is crucial.

This is where a wine fridge can be the perfect option for storing champagne - as all the previous factors we have discussed can be controlled to precision with a wine cooler. Therefore, there can’t be any factors affecting the optimal drinking experience - unless your wine fridge is directly in the sun. However, even then, some wine fridges have UV-protected glass - which will prevent the rays from damaging your wines, beers or champagne.

With there being models such as freestanding wine coolers, under counter wine coolers and wine coolers on the market with single zone and dual zone temperatures available - there are a plethora of options for your champagne. However, with the storage options typically being made for wine, dual zone temperature wine coolers are a necessity - due to the optimal temperatures of each beverage being different.


How Long Does Champagne Last?

Similar to anything edible, eventually there will be a time when it expires and it is no longer possible for you to eat or drink. It is the same with champagne, but there are two opposed expiry dates for champagne. One is for when the champagne is unopened and the other for when the champagne has already been opened and in use. Here are the two timeframes for how long they will last:


Unopened Champagne

If the plan for you is to save the luxurious bottle of champagne for a special occasion, leaving it as long as possible (unopened) is your key to success. As we’ve previously discussed, all the storage facilities and factors need to be ticked off - giving your champagne the best chance of keeping its unique flavours.

With there being non-vintage and vintage champagne - there are two separate timings for how long each one lasts. Non-vintage champagne has a shelf life of three to four years, while vintage wine can last up to five to ten years if correctly preserved - due to them being crafted to age first before opening.


Opened Champagne

Understanding that opened champagne or prosecco will only last between three to five days may be difficult to understand when it can be preserved for so long when unopened. But, like most beverages, once opened with a cork, bottle lid, etc - even if stored to its maximum potential, five days is typically the longest it can be opened for before going off.

However, knowing this information will certainly prevent any health issues that may occur if you drank it after it had gone off. For example, if you had not finished it after the special occasion - consuming the rest before it goes off will save you from buying another bottle in the meantime.


Best Wine Fridges For Champagne

With a champagne wine fridge specifically tailored to the creation of sweet-tasting champagne - the wine fridges will always need specific features to achieve this. Champagne needs to maintain its natural flavours of peach, cherry, citrus and many more - so, each bottle must be taken care of.

Unlike still wine, Champagne can be stored on its side, meaning there may be a couple more options for flexible storage. Here at Dunavox, we have a distinct range of wine fridges for your Champagne bottles (our Sera range). Check out each individual champagne fridge below!


Dunavox Sera-40 (DAUF-40.138B)

This single zone model boasts an elegant exterior with a stainless steel door handle. Due to the shelving on this under-counter design (display shelving) being mounted completely horizontally, rather than back to front - Champagne and Prosecco are optimally stored this way. These beverages can be preserved horizontally because of the pressure inside of the bottle keeping your cork completely damp - in order to keep the seal intact.

For either prosecco or champagne, this wine fridge has a substantial distance between each shelf. Most champagne bottles are typically sizable compared to wine bottles - therefore, your bottles of prosecco or champagne won’t be crammed into a tighter environment.

This built-in model has a storage capacity of up to 40 bottles, thus for the relatively avid beverage collector, this will be a well-suited addition to your contemporary kitchen - adding to your luxurious interior design. Please note that the policy of this champagne fridge is that it can’t be stored in a freestanding manner - so if you’re looking for a freestanding champagne fridge, keep reading along!


Dunavox Sera-143 (DX-143.468B)

This single-zone freestanding champagne fridge comes in a silver or black finish (offering two different colours for dissimilar styles of kitchens or storage environments). The patent display shelves on this 143-bottle capacity champagne fridge allow for your bottles to be stocked horizontally (optimal angle).

Each model will contain multi-led lighting systems which can range from white, blue or amber - contributing to a stunning interior. Whether it is champagne or prosecco, there is UV-light protection and humidity/ temperature control providing you with the ability to preserve your bottles in a cool state (around 10°C).

If you’re looking for flexibility and versatility, this model can be fitted for freestanding or built-in environments. This gives you the freedom of being able to put this anywhere in your household or commercial property with basic satisfactory storage needs.