Best Wine Fridge for Large Wine Collections

  • 2022-06-21

When picking a wine cooler that best suits your collection habits, wine enthusiasts will struggle to decide what they want - and often can get it all wrong.

Whether it be a built-in wine cooler, freestanding wine cooler, under-counter wine fridge or any other model - they all come in different shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, this is where it can be challenging to choose.

For large wine collections especially, you will need to contemplate and assess carefully what wine cooler you will need. Read more to learn more about how you can choose successfully.


What Are Large Capacity Wine Coolers?

As you can imagine, large-capacity wine coolers will be able to store more of your favourite wine, rather than another design with different specifications. Typically, a large-capacity wine cooler can hold up to 50 bottles of wine or more.

However, the problem with them having so much storage room is that they will take up bundles of room within your household. Therefore, unless you have adequate storage space in your kitchen - it will be virtually impossible to fit your large capacity wine cooler in your kitchen.

Large collections will need a large bottle capacity wine cooler - but they are usually only suitable for storing and ageing wines within a commercial environment or for retail purposes. Or, if you have extra space to get things done in your homes and can fit it in a cool and dark territory - this is what’s required for wine collectors!

These wine coolers, whether it’s a freestanding wine fridge, built-in wine fridge or any other wine fridge will usually hold between 50 to 300 bottles of wine. However, the width of some wine bottles can be much wider than others - therefore, taking that into account will certainly increase or decrease the number of bottles you’ll be able to fit in.


Large Capacity Wine Coolers: Size Guide

With large capacity wine coolers, there are many types of specifications - whether this is for a single zone, dual zone or multi-zone wine cooler with completely varied features. But, they are mostly dissimilar when it comes to sizing. Here are the different specs you can get for your large-capacity wine cooler:


Width (mm)

Typically for your larger wine coolers with different cooling systems, features/ accessories and many more variables - they will come in different widths. For your large capacity cooler, they are often between 500mm-700mm+ wide.

These wine coolers are extremely tall for the most part - subsequently, they will need a good amount of width to keep the wine cooler standing and stable. However, they will need to be installed in an environment that allows for proper ventilation so that the wine cooler can flourish and reach maximum potential.


Height (mm)

As we previously discussed, these wine coolers, especially when they are in a freestanding variant - are excessively tall. This is to permit the most storage space possible for your wine collection - impacting the serving of your wine for the better.

These wine fridges often have a spec of between 1200mm and 2000mm high - maximising the capability of adding wine racks to the wine cooler. Having such tall wine coolers require a specific amount of space within a home. Therefore, making sure you’ve done your measurements in your household or commercial property to ensure that this wine cooler can fit is essential.


What Are the Best Wine Fridges for Large Wine Collections?

Large wine collections can be defined in many different ways, ranging from anywhere between 50 to 300 bottles - hence there are tons of choices for wine enthusiasts to pick from. Not all collectors will need a wine fridge too big - nor will someone need one too small. It is all relative, meaning that you should choose your wine cooler based on the number of bottles you already have collected - or the number of bottles you want to collect. Here are some of the wine fridges that we recommend you take a look at from our Dunavox Grande Range:


Dunavox Grande-181 (DX-181.490SDSK)

Coming in two opposing colours, it is possible to get this magnificent wine cooler dressed in all-black or you have the option of going for a stainless steel look. This versatility allows you to make a sensible decision based on how your kitchen is viewed (if your kitchen suits a black finish better, then go for that and vice versa).

This dual zone freestanding model, not only boasts an elegant exterior - but it can be perfect for any contemporary kitchen, hotel or restaurant. Holding up to 181 bottles of wine - this wine cooler is supported by wooden shelves which can be surrounded by blue lighting on the interior.

The only slight inconvenience for you as the consumer is that the top zone on this large capacity, dual zone wine cooler has to be colder than the lower zones.


Dunavox Grande-143 (DX-143.468SS)

If you want a model that you could have the option of going for the built-in look or a regular freestanding model - then this could be the option for you. With humidity control, multiple LED lighting options, UV light protection and many more features - there are reasons this model is popular among wine lovers.

With a maximum capacity of 143 bottles, this single zone wine fridge is the middle ground for the big collectors - giving you even more opportunity to hit your storage numbers on the dot and buy a wine cooler suitable for you.


Dunavox Grande-70 (DX-70.258SS)

For the smaller side of big collections, this single zone model stores a maximum of 70 bottles. Supported on patent display shelves and surrounded by white, amber and blue-two side LED lighting - this model is suited for built-in or freestanding use.

Not only does it have a luxurious aesthetic, but it also has a temperature control feature that allows you to use a touch screen to change it. This vibration-free wine fridge with fan-assisted cooling should be within the topics of conversation for your new purchase.

To check out the best deals for the best wine fridge that suits your needs and collection size - click here to view the grande collection on our website!