Can You Place A Wine Cooler Outdoors

  • 2022-12-12

Wine refrigeration is an integral part of any wine storage whether it be at home or in a factory, wine coolers are the perfect way for you to store your wine collections at the optimum temperatures for as long as you need!

Wine needs to be stored at a constant temperature therefore traditional refrigerators tend to not be suitable for wine due to their constant fluctuations in the internal temperature. Your wine cooler can be placed just about anywhere in your home that has adequate spacing, this can include outdoor areas such as a garage or enclosed porch.


Wine Fridges - The Basics

A wine cooler is a storage unit used to store all sorts of wine and other beverages. They provide cooling similar to a normal refrigerator, however most wine-cooling appliances can offer temperature control. Wine fridges come with an array of features including UV light protection, humidity control and as we previously stated, temperature control.

These machines are designed with wine storage in mind, they provide the perfect environments for high-quality wine to be stored in. Wine fridges have two main models in which they can be built, integrated wine coolers and freestanding wine coolers.

Freestanding wine fridges are much more akin to being placed outdoors than integrated coolers as they are not confined to one set space and are instead able to be moved around and are much more versatile in their placements. They can be placed in a range of places indoors, even under the stairs


Can You Place Wine Coolers Outdoors?

In short, yes you are able to place most types of wine coolers in an outdoor area - however, as we previously mentioned, this tends to be limited to freestanding wine coolers as integrated coolers are not suited for outdoor places. It is vital for people planning to use their wine coolers outside to choose a cooler that has an integrated winter system, otherwise known as a garage system.

This allows your wine cooler to withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature, ensuring that your wine stays at the optimal temperature throughout the year. These systems allow you to keep your wine cooler in outdoor or poorly insulated areas without worrying about the quality of your wine or freezing in the winter.


Types of Outdoor Wine Coolers

There are plenty of different types of coolers available that can be placed outdoors providing beautifully cooled wines in a variety of temperatures. Wine fridges are designed in two main cooling systems, dual-zone and single-zone both of which present their own set of benefits to your wine cooling experience.


Single Zone Wine Coolers

Single-zone wine coolers only allow one temperature for cooling inside the wine cabinet meaning that red and white wines may not be able to be stored in the same wine fridge, due to their differences in refrigeration requirements.

These wine coolers are perfect for storing all types of drinks and provide one consistent temperature throughout the whole cabinet which delivers beautifully cooled wines. These appliances also tend to be much cheaper than their dual-zone counterparts however, it is important to note that these do not offer multiple internal temperatures as dual-zone coolers do.


Dual Zone Wine Coolers

Dual-zone wine fridges are able to store your wine bottles at two different temperatures within the same cabin. This means that you will be able to store both red and white wines in the same cabinet to deliver beautifully cooled wine.

These deliver excellent temperature control for you to store various different types of beverages, proving to be a great asset to have at your disposal when hosting dinner parties. We recommend storing your white wine in the cooler part of your wine cooler, as white wine can be stored at temperatures as low as 7°C.

Red wine can be stored in higher temperature areas, to optimize the storage of your cooler and deliver a perfectly chilled bottle of wine every time. These coolers are rather expensive, however, they are much more versatile and beneficial to the user making the thought of spending the extra money a much less daunting task.


Benefits of an Outdoor Wine Cooler

Having your wine cooler in an outdoor area allows much easier access to your wine collections when having any potential garden parties, get-togethers, or even a family bbq. It can also be a chic addition to any patio area. Outdoor coolers are perfect for larger families as it allows for extra refrigerator storage without cluttering up your kitchen, which can often be a significant problem for many families.

Placing your wine cooler outdoors also allows for extra storage space in your kitchen as you are not required to accommodate such a large accessory in your kitchen. Outdoor wine coolers are much better at storing white wines than red wines as it is much more beneficial to store these in cooler or generally less insulated areas.



Overall, wine coolers can be placed in all sorts of indoor and outdoor places whether you are a business or simply a homeowner interested in wine. Outdoor refrigeration is becoming more prevalent among wine connoisseurs across the UK with garden parties and outdoor get-togethers becoming a mainstay in modern socialisation since the restrictions of lockdown in 2020.

If you wish to use your wine cooler outdoors then it is important to remember that you should ensure that you purchase a cooler with the correct winter or garage system installed as these are of paramount importance to safely storing your wine. However, it is important to ensure that these are placed in an outhouse or sheltered area outdoors to protect the wiring and the mechanism.

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