Cheap Wine Coolers vs Expensive Wine Coolers

  • 2022-04-04

Wine coolers are practical, aesthetic appliances for smart wine storage. The decision for how to store your wine collection can be an extremely expensive one depending on how large your collection is and how exactly you want to be on the storage conditions. In general, a wine cooler will have a much greater capacity than the average fridge freezer and even have the option for storing magnum-size bottles or even larger in addition to the average Bordeaux-size bottles. There are, of course, numerous options out there for cheap wine coolers, although this is generally determined by the smaller nature of the collections they house. This isn’t, necessarily, a drawback to these models as they can be used in conjunction with a much larger wine fridge as a method of showcasing the particularly special bottles in one’s collection, storing multiple bottles for serving at the correct temperature at dinner parties or to add a new dimension of character to a kitchen by complimenting pre-existing cookers, ovens and cabinets.

Black wine coolers can really highlight brushed metal kitchens and vice versa. If cost is a limiting factor in these cases, a smaller wine cooler can be used in unison with other wine storage methods including wine cabinets, racks and wine cellars. So, what are the main factors that ramp up the price when buying a new, or supplementary, wine cooler?


Size and Craftsmanship

Other considerations to make are if needs are met by a freestanding wine cooler or a fully integrated model is a better fit. We offer numerous, sleek, integrated under-counter models for collections of almost all sizes. But for collections of over fifty or so Bordeaux-size bottles the unit really must be built in alongside kitchen cabinets or a fully freestanding unit as the fifty and above bottle wine cooler has too great a height (around 130cm average) and depth to be installed under counter or on top of counters.

Obviously, when it comes to a larger and more elaborate wine fridge, with features including temperature control, humidity control, vibration limitations, UV light protection, more than climate zone and sometimes even more – the time taken to design, create and build such units and the cost of components lead the finished product to be inherently more expensive.



The features listed above are not exhaustive. Some models are what’s known as self-ventilating. Meaning that they come with an integrated ventilation system. This slightly increases the price of the unit itself but negates the need for a service channel or plinth vent offsetting the initial increased cost. Others are lower noise models clocking in with decibel ratings in the mid-thirties. Models designed with this specifically in mind can certainly cost a great deal more as they use low noise components and even include soundproofing. Inside the cooler can be lit by LED, in many cases, there can be an array of colour options.

The units can be and are in most cases, operated by exciting, ultramodern touch screens. However, of the initial list of features above, the range of variables can be extensive. Most models that offer two cooling zones allow a range of cooling from 5°C to 20°C which allows simultaneous long-term storage of a collection of valuable red wine for ageing while simultaneously chilling a few bottles of white wine for dinner. This cooling can be fan assisted. The temperature, humidity control, UV light protection and vibration elimination all contribute to a well stored, and therefore aged, bottle with the optimal appearance, aroma and taste.


Energy Efficiency

Larger more expensive wine coolers aren’t only a bigger expense at the point of purchase, but also tend to use more energy going forward owing to their greater volume and more specific conditions than the average kitchen accessories. While the increase isn’t always a massive one it's definitely worth bearing in mind prior to purchase to avoid any unwelcome surprises. For this, make sure to check the energy rating of your entire shortlist of wine coolers both small and large, and make a completely informed choice.


How to Finally Decide?

At the end of the day the purchasing of a wine cooler, small or large, is a matter of convenience, peace of mind and guarantee taste. So if the option is there to house your entire collection in a wine cooler or two, then we say the expense is a small price to pay in comparison to the convenience and results of wine coolers.

However, if operating on a tighter budget then opt for a smaller, single-zone cooler and store bottles for drinking or fine ageing in it and the remainder of the collection, if any, can be stored elsewhere. You could also wait for newer models to be released before purchasing older models. Refurbished units are available on the second-hand market but we wouldn’t necessarily advise this as the best course of action as results can vary and the end product isn’t generally covered after purchase. All Dunavox models come with a complete three-year warranty, so while this doesn’t help the decision process it offers some valuable peace of mind that whatever you choose, we’ve got you covered.

Dunavox always aim to make the lives of their valued customers a little bit easier. And with the shortlisting and selection process being by far the most stressful stage of the purchase we are very happy to highlight our compare product feature. Just under the product specifications, simply click the compare button to easily and clearly display up to four separate products side by side, of similar or different sizes and price points, complete with images. Whatever is best for you, compare the options, read the guide and make the best choice for you.