Common Problems With Wine Coolers (And How To Fix Them!)

  • 2023-01-13

Owning a wine cooler unit comes with an array of benefits, especially if you have a varied selection of wine within your collection that requires a certain temperature to age in. Wine coolers are one of the most popular kitchen appliances, acting as a safety zone for your bottles to rest in.

Whether you’re using your wine cooler in a home or commercial setting, nothing can be more frustrating than your cooling unit breaking on you. A reliable, hard-wearing wine cooler shouldn’t have any problems lasting long term, but that’s not to say some issues could occur along the way.

If you’ve used a wine cooler for a while, you’ll know how hard it is to go without one. More homeowners are warming to the idea of having a wine cooler in their home, even more so when they realise the advantages that come with owning one.

It can be alarming when you start to notice signs that your wine cooler isn’t working how it used to, which is why it’s so important to look after your storage facility with the highest regard. To make sure that you’re able to spot potential problems with your wine cooler in advance, continue reading.


Wine Coolers: Common Problems

It can be hard to understand why your wine cooler is experiencing problems, especially if you believe that you’ve looked after it correctly. There’s a multitude of reasons why your wine cooler might be struggling to work, but it often depends on the system type.

There are two main types of cooling units, one being a thermoelectric wine cooler and the other a compressor. A compressor wine cooler tends to come with more issues than thermoelectric designs - let’s take a look at why both systems can cause potential problems.



Compressor fridges could be struggling to work due to a malfunctioning thermostat. A thermostat helps supply power to components that maintain the temperature within a wine cooler.

If you have a broken thermostat, your wine could deteriorate rapidly - this is because the temperature range will be fluctuating too hot or cold. Apart from a broken thermostat, the second most common reason why your compressor wine cooler couldn’t be functioning properly is because of fan issues.

Fans act as the primary part of any wine cooler, helping keep the coils cool. Your wine cooler could start heating up rapidly if you have a broken fan, ultimately resulting in bad-tasting wine.

The easiest way to fix a broken fan is by regularly cleaning your wine cooler and making sure there’s no dust build-up or excess dirt that could cause it to clog up. If the fan is broken or snapped, you’ll have to replace it as soon as possible.



The main cause of problems with thermoelectric wine coolers is room temperature. Thermoelectric units are unable to maintain an ambient temperature for long periods compared to compressor models - the hotter the room, the more your thermoelectric wine cooler will struggle to run.

If you’re a proud owner of a thermoelectric wine cooler, you’ll be glad to know that the issues can be easily fixed. The installation plays a big role in the well-being of your thermoelectric storage unit - if you’re able to move your wine cooler to a different location that offers lower temperatures, you should do so.


Wine Coolers Struggling to Stay Cool

When a wine cooler is not working, your whole collection could be ruined. Regardless of whether you have a dual-zone wine cooler or one that runs at a single temperature, you could still face many problems.

If your wine cooler is struggling to maintain humidity levels and stay cool, it could be due to a few reasons. Although it boils down to knowing what system is in place within your cooler (thermoelectric or compressor), there could be other factors to consider.

It may seem a little obvious, but checking your power supply is still in working order is top of the list when it comes to reasons why people believe their wine cooler has stopped working.

Wine fridges should have ventilation, especially if it’s built into an existing kitchen cabinet space. Built-in wine coolers should be fitted by a professional electrician - this way, you won’t have to worry about whether or not you’ve left enough room for your cooler to circulate air.

Wine cooler repair can be done by yourself or someone within the industry. Although the team here at Dunavox recommend all of our customers use a licensed professional when they can, we understand that such a service isn’t accessible to everyone.

If you’ve had suspicions that your wine cooler is having problems and technical faults, it might be worth giving it a check. It can be dangerous to tamper with electrical units, which is why you must remember to unplug your unit from the main power outlet.


Wine Coolers at Dunavox

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