Guide To Dunavox Mini Wine Fridges

  • 2022-08-30

Although wine cellars, wine cabinets and wine racks have been a popular choice for many wine connoisseurs over the years, they’re slowly having less and less money invested into them. Wine coolers are taking the market by storm, with more affordable prices than wine cellar rooms and more advanced features - creating more optimal wine preservation.

With the versatility of each wine fridge being second-to-none, they will range in all shapes and sizes to fit your accessories accordingly. However, wine coolers are only suitable for full collections, right? No, you can integrate multiple compact wine coolers within your kitchen’s aesthetic. Carry on reading to see our buying guide to a small wine fridge unit that will suit your collection immensely.


What is a Mini Wine Cooler?

Mini wine coolers are extremely similar to conventional wine fridges - it is only their size and capacity that contrast the look of a normal wine cooler. Therefore, factors such as humidity, temperature, vibrations and many more will still be taken care of productively.

Keeping your precious collection in a bad environment will cause the clearance rate to enhance at a fast rate. Bottles of wine, if storage is incorrect, will begin to break down. Whether this is the aroma, taste or appearance of the wine - you will see a steep incline in the ageing process of your wine.

Understanding that in your mini wine fridge, you will have to store your wine between 11°C and 14°C is extremely crucial. This is the sweet spot for the temperature of the wine, ensuring that you get the best performance possible.

A compact wine fridge can come in many opposing models, such as freestanding wine coolers, under-counter wine coolers (built-in) or fully integrated wine coolers - offering you the highest amount of flexibility. As everyone has different spaces and capacities within their kitchen, if there were only one type of wine fridge - someone would miss out on the opportunity for optimal wine preservation.

A freestanding mini wine cooler can be positioned anywhere where there is ideal space for it to stand up. Whereas, if you invest in a built-in or integrated model for your refurbished kitchen (or current kitchen setup), these are manufactured to be fitted into the kitchen space. This could be under the counter or completely enclosed in your kitchen cabinets.


Benefits of a Small Wine Cooler

Having a smart wine cooler in a more compact model will be the perfect choice for those collecting wine semi-regularly. If you’re not taking it too seriously, but love to enjoy a good glass of wine on the weekend, then a mini wine cooler is for you. Not only will you be able to keep a small wine collection in an optimal state, but you will also have the convenience of them not taking up too much space around your household.

Having adequate room for cutlery, a normal fridge and other kitchen appliances are extremely vital for the best performance. Consequently, installing a miniature wine fridge into the leftover spaces will add a touch of class and luxury to your kitchen’s ambience. Even if you think the space is too small, first assess the specifications, compare them to what a mini wine fridge will need and you may be surprised that it will be able to fit.

Whether you’re hosting a family gathering, barbeque or any other type of party - enjoying a glass of wine with the people you love will be a necessity. Therefore, having a small bottle wine cooler to prepare an amazing wine-tasting experience will ensure that all your guests are satisfied. This smart device, as long as you give it the room it requires can be stored anywhere (if your household allows it). So, if it is more convenient to store in the basement, a freestanding small wine fridge can be placed there too!


Dunavox Mini Wine Fridges: Best Buys

Here at Dunavox, we have a wide range of small wine fridges that will be a fantastic addition to your home’s aesthetic. As we previously mentioned, if you’re a semi-serious wine collector who loves to enjoy the taste of a supreme wine and wants to please guests as much as possible - then a small wine cooler will be essential.

Although our small wine fridge collection can be great for little collections of wine too - this doesn’t mean to say that wine connoisseurs can’t invest in multiple versions of these to plant all around their homes. This will not only create a sleek, stylish look, but it will boost productivity and efficiency for grabbing bottles of wine whenever you need them (as the wine coolers could be installed in multiple rooms). Here are the greatest options from our range of small wine coolers in different models:


Small Freestanding Wine Coolers

If you have a collection of wine bottles of up to 20 bottles or less, then we have the perfect match for your needs in this model. Freestanding models, as we mentioned, can go anywhere with optimal breathing room. Thus, our Dunavox Home-16 and Dunavox Home-20 models will be a slick feature added to your home’s furniture appearance if you’re looking for a flexible freestanding wine cooler - for all of your optimal storage needs.


Small Integrated Wine Coolers

Additionally, we have a wide selection of integrated models, appropriate for kitchen cabinetry space, undercounter space or any other built-in options within your kitchen. The Dunavox Glance-18 or Dunavox Glance-25, available in multiple colourways will add an elegant interior design to your kitchen - whilst providing LED lighting for a fashionable additive.


Small Under Counter Wine Coolers

Lastly, with a multitude of options for small collections of bottled wine, our Dunavox under-counter wine cooler refrigerator models will refine any issues you’re having with current wine storage. Our Dunavox Flow-9, Dunavox Flow-17 and Dunavox Flow-19 all offer you the opportunity to display your small wine collection in the most sophisticated manner achievable.

With vertical storage under your counter space, there will be wine racks for between one and three bottles on each row stacked on top of each other. Consequently, if you feel you have sufficient space for this under your counter - your design and wine storage will be taken to a whole new level!