How To Pick A Dunavox Wine Cooler

  • 2021-06-14

Whether you’re a committed wine lover or are just starting out, you need an efficient wine cooler to store your bottles in. With so many brands on the market, it’s difficult to choose just one. Dunavox is one of the leading brands for wine storage. Here’s how to pick a Dunavox wine cooler for your wine storage needs.


About Dunavox

Dunavox products are relatively unknown but are becoming more popular as people discover and use these appliances. Not only are our wine coolers stylish and available in different styles for plenty of flexibility, but they offer alternative bottle storage. You can use a Dunavox to store your bottles sideways with the label facing forward to highlight the best parts of your collection.


How To Choose A Wine Cooler


Noise Levels

Consider where you want to keep the wine cooler. The position can affect how much noise you can tolerate. You won’t have to worry about noise if you keep it down in the cellar. However, it could get annoying if you keep it near a room with a TV.

Whether the refrigerator uses a compressor system or a thermoelectric system can affect how much noise it generates. Most fridges have a compressor that absorbs heat from the air inside the fridge and releases it outside.

This is the unit that makes the hum we associate with fridges. Thermoelectric systems produce no vibrations so they don’t make any noise. They’re also effective for storing wine because they won’t stir up the sediment in the bottle.



Wine should always be stored horizontally to keep the cork moist by ensuring it’s always in contact with the wine. This ensures the cork stays plump, which protects the wine against outside air, bacteria, and other contaminants for years to come.

Storing wine horizontally also ensures that fine wine ages properly. Keep in mind that not every beverage cooler is made for storing wine. Find a cooler with smooth-rolling wooden shelves or metal racking designed to keep bottles in place.

This makes it easier to store and find bottles and ensures all corks stay moist.



Beautiful and attractive wine coolers make a statement in your home. The right wine coolers show that you understand your wine and are savvy enough to make choices that increase your home’s value and aesthetic appeal.

Consider the overall style of your home when looking at wine coolers. Stainless steel is the most popular material for wine coolers but you can find them with different finishes for a unique look and feel.



Keep in mind that you’ll have to keep your wine cooler on at all times. This means you need to pay attention to how much energy your cooler uses. There are several energy-efficient design elements to look for, such as:


LED Lighting

Bright lighting makes it easier to read the wine labels, but be careful of hot running bulbs that could compromise your collection. LED lights are the best in terms of temperature and energy efficiency.


Thermostatic Cooling

Thermostatic coolers use far less energy than a standard compressor system.


Triple-Pane Glass

If you want a glass door for your fridge, tempered glass is the best for safety and a triple pane is best for insulation. This keeps the cooler cool and cuts energy costs.


Bottle Capacity

How big is your wine collection? Choosing a fridge with enough capacity is the best way to get the most out of your investment. Consider how many bottles of wine you currently have and add around 20% to give yourself room to grow or have extra space for the holidays.

Choosing a fridge that’s too big means the machine has to work harder to keep the empty spaces cool while choosing one you outgrow quickly is frustrating.


Cooling Zones

Most wine coolers have dual temperature zones that allow you to set two different temperatures in the machine. This is a great feature for wine collectors because red and white wines have to be stored at different temperatures.

You can fine-tune your collection by having two separate spaces for different wine types. If you only have a small collection or want a small cooler, then a single zone fridge is more than enough.

These appliances are also budget-friendly. “Single-zone” simply means the interior of the refrigerator is the same temperature across the board.


Built-In Or Freestanding

Compressor wine coolers are the more efficient models, but they require suitable ventilation to allow hot air to escape. Where the compressor determines how you can use the fridge.


  • Freestanding Models

Freestanding wine coolers can have compressor coils on the back of the unit. This keeps the appliance looking clean and offers maximum storage space. Rear coils need proper airflow around the fridge, so you’ll have to leave several inches of space between the wine cooler and the wall.


  • Built-In Wine Refrigerators

An under-counter wine cooler designed to sit under a kitchen cabinet can’t have a compressor that goes against the wall. These units are made with exhaust grates on the bottom that let the air out. Built-in units do offer more flexibility as you can put them wherever you want.


Extra Features

Once you’ve chosen the basic features for your wine cooler, there are some special features to consider. These features affect the convenience, safety, and style of the unit and include:


  • UV Protection

UV rays affect the colouration and flavour of wine, but a top-quality wine cooler blocks light and heat to keep wine safe. Find a cooler with a UV-protected glass door for the best look.


  • Child-Proofing

If you have kids and teenagers in your home, then a fridge with a lock on it offers peace of mind that they can’t get to your adult beverages. These locks are also good for people with, particularly valuable collections.


  • Reversible Doors

The little details matter, so make sure that you can secure your door to open right or left. A reversible door saves space and ensures the unit fits into any space.