Our Review Of The DX-181.490DBK

  • 2022-04-09


The features you would usually find in a wine cellar can all be mimicked and fully controlled inside Dunavox wine coolers. This Dunavox model is no different and we have listed some of our favourite features that are inside this wine refrigerator.



This dual zone wine cooler holds a massive capacity of up to 181 wine bottles - based on the widely used and standard-sized, 750ml Bordeaux wine bottle. Or in other terms, this cooler will hold the equivalent of 490 litres of liquid.



Each bottle will be stored horizontally and supported on solid beech wood shelving set into a luxurious blue LED light interior, to showcase your wine. If you want to remove any shelves to make way for large bottles then you easily do so. This is a useful feature for units such as this one, so your larger and therefore more expensive bottles will not have to forfeit that perfect storage location. Whilst all your bottles will be expertly showcased by LED lighting which gives a quality and luxurious enhancement to your wine cooler and wine collection.



This happens to be a dual-zone wine cooler, so it gives the controllability of storing different wines at their ideal storage temperature all within the same one unit. The different zones in this model operate between temperatures of 5°C-20°C. Do bear in mind however that the separate temperature zones cannot be set to the same temperatures, you have to have some temperature difference.



Let’s talk about the overall appearance of this 181 capacity wine cooler unit. For such a big unit it is super stylish, even though it is big, it is not an eyesore as it boasts an elegant and classy exterior. It has an easy and simple stainless steel handle which you cannot go wrong with.



This DX-181.490DBK wine cooler model has a vibration-free storing mechanism, this feature is most useful and probably the most valuable feature within this wine cooler. This makes it perfect for hospitality locations where there could potentially be a lot of movement from staff and customers around one area. Movement is damaging to wine and can speed up the ageing process in your wine so the fact this cooler has an anti-vibration feature is a massive plus. Especially when storing large quantities of wines in a cooler such as this. So this feature will ensure your wine is safe and that there will be minimal damage to your wine. Whilst the UV treated glass doors are there to protect all the wine inside this cooler from any harsh light exposure from natural or unnatural light.



Do note that this unit is a versatile zone wine cooler as it can be used as a freestanding unit and also is suitable for built-in use too, perfect for if you ever need to change its location. You have the option to have this unit built-in for a seamless finish or place it freely in your kitchen or cellar. Wherever you want to place it has the flexibility of both options, as long as you don’t push it too close to a wall blocking its ventilation this cooler will be fine. Although it does have a fan assisted cooling system to help control the temperature. A built-in cooler will need special installation from a professional installer to make sure it has the right ventilation it needs to function properly. As this is a large cooler it definitely will need sufficient ventilation space.



This DX-181.490DBK Dunavox model is 1835mm in height, 655mm in width and has a depth of 680mm. So this is quite a large cooler, hence why it is a popular choice for the hospitality industry as it can hold so many bottles in one. If you are lucky enough to have the space for this cooler in your home then that's great, or place it down in a basement or cellar if you struggle to find the correct place for it in your house. The weight of this cooler is 108kg, it is a heavy-duty model and a sturdy system, therefore it is not to be moved around with ease. When deciding on the placement of this cooler make sure you make the right decision as although it can be moved, it is not so easily portable as some other and lighter wine coolers from the Dunavox range.



Like all our Dunavox products, this model comes with a fair and reliable three-year warranty to give you the peace of mind that you will need for a cooler of this size, your unit is guaranteed to be protected. Although Dunavox uses the best quality materials and parts to create their coolers, they rarely have faults in their systems. A well kept and looked after wine cooler is likely to last 10 to 15 years without any problems.



If these measurements are suitable for your needs and if you are a big lover of wine with an extensive wine collection it will be well worth the investment of a wine cooler such as this DX-181.490DBK model we have reviewed and it could be the perfect wine cooler for you. Be sure to check out the DX-181.490DBK model as well as the rest of our Dunavox Grande Collection.