The Best 7 Bottle Wine Coolers

  • 2022-04-12

As the popularity of wine increases the necessity of a wine cooler continues to establish itself. And when you actually stop and think about it, it makes sense. Whether you’re a sommelier with a 150+ bottle collection or a more fresh face to the game; the market for wine coolers can be confusing. Particularly when at the more diverse end of the spectrum it really can be a veritable minefield, how many zones, what temperature, what humidity, what UV Exposure...the list is endless. We feel the first hint of confusion flows from the name. A wine cooler. Cooler. Cooling. One could be forgiven for thinking that these appliances are a one-trick pony used for chilling a nice bottle of Chardonnay. However, with the developments in technology and design lately, it only follows rational discourse that the wine cooler market has a few tricks up its sleeve as well. Read on for our effective buying guide and best buys for small, 7-bottle wine coolers.


Why Are They Important?

Simply put, wine coolers prevent damage to bottles, circumvent bad ageing and eliminate the unpleasant taste, aroma and appearance of a poorly stored wine. They take care of the temperature, with most wines best stored at between 11°C and 14°C – that goes for ageing bottles too! So empty that rack, clear the cellar and get looking for your new favourite kitchen appliance. Not only that but they also perfectly optimise humidity, vibrations and UV light. Now, we appreciate that not everyone has space for a cooler large enough to house their entire collection – be it a current or future, projected collection, it can be tricky to know where to draw the line.

Our coolers can be divided into two main subcategories, integrated models and freestanding models. Small freestanding coolers are convenient and versatile as they fit anywhere you can plug them in, including counters and tables and are moveable. But for the very best use of your space we feel integrating the cooler into your home, in much the same way as your cooker probably is, is the best course of action.


So, What’s on Offer?

If you’re storing both red and whites for simultaneous serving, then you ideally need a dual-zone cooler in order to get the best out of your investment. The zone can be split, as said, between reds and whites but with a little thinking outside the box, the zones can also be used for storing wine at serving temperature and for longer-term ageing wine. A two-zone cooler also has the benefit of being able to accommodate sparkling wines.

Here at Dunavox, we offer the Glance-25 - a small, 25 Bordeaux style bottle (0.75 litres), a dual-zone cooler that is as stylish as it is practical. Built as an integrated unit this compact design is LED-lit inside and can sit sleekly undercounter or built into a cupboard. Available in black, stainless steel or wood. However, for the really space-conscious connoisseur, we also have the Flow-17 - a 17 bottle dual zone unit, boasting an elegant exterior and a stainless steel door handle which sits integrated under-counter at just 300mm wide.


The Smallest…and Best?

But for those who love a specific drink, those with VERY limited space or just those with a very small but special collection for ageing there are more options. Our sleekest, most compact and modern offerings are two coolers the Flow-9 and the DX7.20, a 9 and 7 bottle wine cooler respectively both single zone. Both are undercounter models that house their wines one bottle wide, stacked vertically which allows these two models to sit at 150mm wide or less. The DX-7.20, found in the EOL range is by far our smallest offering but that in no way diminishes the hefty punch this unit packs. It retains all the usual bragging rights of UV protection, humidity and vibration control and fan assisted cooling. This cooler additionally offers the user an LED-lit interior, a reversible tinted UV glass window and even a touch screen. Making the DX-7.20 the perfect solution for storing your ageing collection, readying bottles for a dinner party or for just having a bottle on hand.

Available with an immaculate stainless steel finish with blue interior LED lighting, this wine cooler makes an elegant, sleek statement in any kitchen. Thinking to the bigger collector the DX-7.20 can be used to showcase the seven most expensive bottles or seven most prestigious bottles in one’s collection with a secondary, much larger cooler located elsewhere in the house with the bulk of the collection. Or, for the less flash, seven bottles can be prepared for serving if one has dinner guests, parties or simply fancies a glass. Its integrated nature places it in the heart of the kitchen, ideal for cooking, displaying and sharing.

Having looked at the DX-7.20 its usability is second to none. It’s perfect for a dinner party, a quiet glass with friends and even showcasing the edited highlights of a prestigious collection. It's minimal and it makes a quiet statement next to other integrated appliances; fridge-freezers, cookers and ovens. And, being so small it isn’t as expensive as some other models on the market today, which is always a bonus. Wine coolers are gaining in popularity and, as we’ve just read, with good reason! So, when planning your next kitchen renovation, spare a thought for the wine cooler and where it can best fit in. Understated and under-counter? Or front and centre, housing the best of the best. However, if you choose to stock your cooler, rest easy knowing you made the right choice by opting for a cooler and certainly the right choice by choosing Dunavox. We look forward to helping you next time your collection grows.