The Best Small Wine Coolers To Buy

  • 2021-11-25

More and more people are using wine coolers to store their wine. No matter how large or small your wine collection, you’re sure to find the perfect wine cooler for you. Wine coolers come in all shapes and sizes - you can find models that can store larger collections of over 150 bottles, and coolers that can store just 7 bottles.

You may think that a wine cooler is only worth it if it can store your entire collection - but this isn’t the case. There are countless quality wine coolers that can be integrated into your kitchen, or stand freely in your home. Keep reading to find the best small wine coolers to buy.


What Is A Wine Cooler?

A wine cooler does more than just keep your wine cool. Most quality wine coolers will also consider the other storage factors such as UV light and humidity and even vibrations. The way you store your wine matters - storing your wine incorrectly can result in damaged bottles, poorly aged wine, and/or wine with an unpleasant taste, aroma, and appearance.

First of all, you should know that wine has an optimal storage temperature, regardless of whether you’re storing your wine in the short term, long term, or for ageing. Wine is best stored at temperatures between 11°C and 14°C. The temperature that wine is stored at can determine how well a wine ages, tastes, and smells.

If you store your wine at temperatures higher than 15°C, then your wine may develop a cooked taste. This may be enjoyable when it comes to mulled wine, but storing your regular wine at high temperatures can cause it to lose its natural flavours and aromas, and leave it tasting bitter and generally unpleasant. However, it’s not just high temperatures that you need to worry about. Storing your wine temperatures below 10°C may also cause the wine to lose its natural flavours, and even put it at risk of freezing.

Wine coolers store your wine at the right temperature, preventing it from losing its natural flavours, cooking, and freezing. Some wine coolers will offer dual temperature zones, meaning you can store your reds, whites, and sparkling wines at different temperatures. You could also keep wine for serving and have wine stored in the long term in the same unit.

Most wine coolers will also regulate humidity levels. Humidity is an important storage factor - wine should be kept in humidity levels between 55% and 75% to ensure your wine remains fresh and drinkable. A little humidity is important - it keeps the cork moist so it stays in place. However, too much or too little humidity can cause the cork to slip out of place, exposing your wine to oxygen (which can ruin your wine quickly).

Wine coolers are also great at protecting your wine from UV rays. UV light can not only raise the temperature of your wine, but speed up chemical reactions that age your wine. You can find wine coolers with glass doors - and you should always check that the door is UV-treated to prevent sunlight from damaging your wine.

You can find small, medium, or large-sized wine coolers - but each will fit one of these three designs: freestanding, built-in, or fully integrated. Freestanding wine coolers can be placed anywhere in your home, whereas built-in and fully integrated wine coolers are designed to be fitted into kitchen space. However, unlike built-in units, fully integrated wine coolers are completely enclosed in kitchen cabinet.


Why Choose A Small Wine Cooler?

Wine coolers are the perfect choice if you have a small wine collection. Small freestanding wine coolers are convenient as they can fit anywhere in your home, and even on tabletops and countertops. Small integrated and built-in wine coolers add a sense of style to your kitchen, and can be slotted into the smallest of spaces.

If you have guests over or you simply enjoy a glass of wine, then you may want to consider a small wine cooler to prepare a few bottles at a time for serving - and you could have another wine cooler elsewhere for the rest of your collection. Small wine coolers can fit anywhere, so you could even have one in your dining room for some excellent wine-food pairings.


The Best Small Wine Coolers To Buy

At Dunavox, we have many wine fridges perfect for smaller wine collections or for preparing your wine to be served. If you have dinner guests, parties, or you simply want to pop open a bottle after work, you don’t want to be drinking room-temperature wine, or travel all the way down to the basement for a bottle?

Our small wine fridges are ideal for both small collections and for serving your wine. In our Glance collection, you can find wine coolers that can accommodate just 18 bottles. These wine coolers are designed to be integrated into your kitchen for quick and easy access. Whether you install the wine cooler into your breakfast bar, or next to your fridge, it’s sure to look sleek, seamless, and stylish.

However, if you have more than 18 bottles, then check out the GLANCE-25 or the SOUL-25, which can accommodate up to 25 standard Bordeaux bottles. They come in both sleek black and a stylish silver exterior.

For something a little different, you may prefer our FLOW collection, which has small vertical wine coolers that are designed to be integrated into your kitchen, storing just 9, 17 or 19 bottles. The FLOW-9 is one of the smallest wine coolers we offer, and makes a great display piece and addition to your kitchen.

A stylish and convenient wine fridge in our Dunavox Home Collection is the HOME-16 or the HOME-20, both of which are designed to stand freely anywhere in your home, from your living room to your balcony or patio.

The smallest wine cooler we offer is the DX-7.20, found in our EOL Collection. It’s a vertical cooler designed to be installed into under-counter space, and stores just 7 bottles, perfect for storing your favourite wines for serving, or displaying the most expensive bottles in your collection.