Ways You Can Personalise A Wine Cooler

  • 2022-05-20

If it is your first time purchasing a wine cooler - or you have had one for a while, you may be wondering if there is any way of customising or enhancing the experiences of your wine cooler. Having the luxury of owning a wine cooler in the first place will not only improve the taste of your wine - but its appearance and odour too. However, they’re not all built to function the same.

So, what types of wine coolers can you purchase? How can you install any new features into a wine cooler? What features can you add with good reviews? All these questions that you have about personalising your wine cooler will be answered in this blog, so keep reading if you’re interested!


Different Types of Wine Coolers

There are three different types of wine coolers available to purchase on the market - all coming in different shapes and sizes with unique quirks to them all. Here are all of the wine fridges and exactly what they do, to see which best suits your needs:


Freestanding Wine Cooler

The freestanding wine cooler model is built to stand alone, whether that be in your kitchen or anywhere inside your property with free space. This specific design of wine cooler is meant to be a direct mimic of a wine cellar - in terms of the ageing/maintenance of your wine.

One main detail you need to take into account is that you shouldn’t try to fit a wine cooler into a space where a built-in wine cooler should go - because it won’t have room to dissipate. This means that the wine cooler will overheat and your wine will begin to deteriorate.


Built-In Wine Cooler

Favourites for many, the built-in wine cooler sits directly on the floor. However, these units have vents located on the front and the fans sit underneath. The reason the fans sit directly underneath is so cool air can make its way to your chilled wine bottles - and warm air can be expelled from the side vents.

All of your built-in units should have at least 0.25cm to 0.5cm around each side of it. If you have a smaller model then it’ll lean more towards the 0.25cm - whereas, on the other hand, if you have a bigger model, it’ll be likely closer to the 0.5cm mark. Most of the built-in models available are used as under counter wine fridges - so the owner who chooses a larger version of this luxury steel wine cooler can capacitate over 200 bottles of wine.


Fully Integrated Wine Cooler

Onto the fully integrated model which is certainly a flexible option for anyone interested in a wine fridge. The purpose of the fully integrated wine cooler is that it fits into any available cabinet space to provide a floating aesthetic.

Having a blaze, yet luxurious integrated wine cooler in any kitchen (especially a modern-day kitchen) due to the stainless steel look - can store your wine at an optimal level for many years down the line. Warm air is expelled to the rear of these cabinets, therefore, the correct amount of space is necessary for flawless wine cooling.


Ways You Can Personalise a Wine Cooler

Now you know all the different types of wine coolers - is there a way that you can create a personalised wine cooler and take the style or security to a new level? Wine coolers can also make perfect gifts too - especially when personalised. Here are some of our recommended suggestions for relevant upgrades that you can make to your wine cooler as soon as possible:


Opt for a Lock

When adding such a precious belonging to your property, the last thing you want to happen is for it to get tampered with, broken or even stolen. Not all wine fridges come with safety locks built-in to their system - therefore, investing in a lock will certainly give you more peace of mind.

If you’re sceptical about why you would need a safety lock and have children or teenagers regularly attending your home - this may change your mind. If a child accidentally opens the wine cooler and smashes something in the process, wine coolers will be tough to replace. On the flip side, teenagers or even adults may want a beverage that you may not want them to access - so a lock would be ideal for that situation.


Use Tinted Glass

Along with your delivery of a new wine cooler - you may want to order a tinted glass door (if your wine cooler doesn’t already come with one). Harsh sunlight and UV rays can be extremely damaging to your wine. Due to the heat of the sun, the wine will naturally start smelling, tasting and appearing completely different to what it’s meant to be.

However, most modern-day wine coolers already have this feature built-in as the companies making wine coolers realise that sunlight creates a major deficiency in the taste, smell and appearance of your wine when poured into your wine glasses.


Add LED Lights

When purchasing a wine/ beer/ champagne cooler, taking a live preview of your lighting will benefit you massively. If you notice that your wine cooler has damaging lighting (non-UV-treated lighting), then it will certainly be paramount to invest in some LED lights.

Standard light bulbs will usually give off heat and temperature/ humidity is an essential factor to get correct when keeping your wine mature and ageing accordingly. Therefore, investing in UV-treated LED light bulbs from an online shop (using free UK delivery or any UK delivery) will give you the answers to your problems - delivered to your doorstep within a matter of days.

LED light bulbs do not produce any heat whatsoever, meaning this product is the safest option for your wine cooler. When it comes to personalising these accessories on your wine cooler with LEDs - you can show off your interior with many different colours. Depending on the mood, you may want to change it suitably.