What Does A Dual Zone Wine Cooler Do?

  • 2022-08-05

Whether you’re going to a family gathering or a wedding, or you’re just having some family and friends round to your house, there is always a need for wine - or any beverage for that matter. When you have friends or family over, it can feel like a big rush to plant as many bottles of wine in the fridge as possible in order to make sure that everybody is catered for across the night.

However, not all wines should be stored at the same temperature. But how do you get around this problem? Can a dual zone wine cooler help? And what exactly is a dual zone wine cooler? Read along for our buying guide on dual zone wine coolers, including information on what a dual zone wine fridge can do. In this post, we also compare dual zone wine fridges to single zone wine fridges.


What Is a Dual Zone Wine Cooler?

As you may know, a wine cooler will store your wine at its optimal temperature. Nonetheless, some wines have completely different optimal temperatures than others, so it can be difficult to have the same branded wines in single-zone wine fridges.

Single-zone wine coolers are wine fridges that can store all of your wine at one specific temperature. However, with this revolutionary build, dual-zone wine coolers permit you to split your wine into two different compartments.

Whether this is a bigger zone for your larger wine bottles or a smaller zone for fewer wine bottles - you will now have the ability to serve your wine in its prime condition. Or, you may want to store a certain brand of wine for a longer time, undisturbed - but want another type or brand of wine to drink sooner.

Dual zone models come in all shapes and sizes, from freestanding wine cooler models to under-counter models/ built-in wine coolers and integrated models too. With this versatility, you can choose the design that suits your storage needs as best as possible.

For example, if you have red wine, it will perform much better at around 12°C and in contrast, white wine or sparkling wine should be preserved at 9°C or 10°C. Although you may think that this is only a minuscule difference - over time this will make a monumental difference to the taste, appearance and smell of your bottle of wine.


Benefits of a Dual Zone Wine Cooler

If you are the owner of a single-zone wine fridge, you may often feel disappointed in the versatility of your wine fridge. For example, you may have tried a bottle of wine and it didn’t taste quite right due to the temperature.

Having two spaces of storage for a wine cooler will give you room to experiment with different wines - without worrying that it is not at optimum temperature levels. To emphasise the need for dual zone wine coolers, let’s explore some other benefits of these flexible wine coolers that will aid your preservation needs.


Full Protection From Sunlight

If a human were to be exposed to an excessive amount of sunlight and UV rays, it would be damaging to our skin and long-term health. Similarly, with wine, the UV rays will essentially speed up the ageing process - negatively impacting the smell, flavours and aesthetic of your wine.

With the sunlight affecting the chemical reactions within the wine, it can be difficult to preserve in a dark area. However, with a dual zone wine fridge, you can find either solid, opaque doors or UV-protected glass doors - meaning any sunlight will be avoided. As long as you keep your wine cooler door closed shut, you will have extensive protection against sunlight and any damaging rays that try to alter your wine’s chemicals.


Adding a Luxury Aesthetic to Your Household

Although the smart features of these wine coolers stand out above all - disregarding the inventive and unique appearance of the wine cooler should not go a miss. Especially if you have a modern-looking refurbished kitchen, these accessories will refine and add a deluxe ambience to your house.

As many have UV-treated (transparent) glass, you will be able to see your collection of wine on display at all times. With your precious wine on show, it will create a classy atmosphere for everybody who will view your household.

With the range of colours being flexible across many different wine cooler providers, you will be sure to find a fitting small, medium or large capacity dual zone wine cooler that suits the colour or vibe of your kitchen. If you desire to make a statement and take preservation seriously, to enjoy the best wine-drinking experience possible - investing in a dual zone wine cooler or cabinet is a grand statement.



Although it is deemed expensive to buy a wine cooler, no matter the specifications - each product is loaded with high-technology features to cater for your wine. In addition, a wine cellar or wine cabinet is more expensive, yet a wine cooler has all the same features and more! Besides, if you’re trying to store your wine most effectively and efficiently possible, a wine cooler is your best bet to successfully do so.

For the sake of parties, gatherings, weddings, etc, if you often celebrate important events in your life - it's crucial to store your beverages properly for big occasions. Opting for a dual zone wine fridge can negate the need of buying two separate wine fridges for your whites and reds, ultimately saving you money.


Final Thoughts

Depending on your level of preservation will determine what storage device you should invest in. Reading copious amounts to gather information such as bottle capacity, dimensions and many more to understand the purpose of your desired wine cooler is essential.

If you’re at a point where you’re only collecting red wine, then you may only need a single-zone wine cooler. Whereas, if you’re a more experienced and established wine collector - a dual zone wine cooler will be perfect for your multitude of wines. Due to the protection, versatility and low maintenance manner of these wine coolers, these are just a few of the reasons to add this luxury item to your kitchen renovation process.

Without this, if you’re serious about creating the best wine drinking experience for you and your peers - then adding a wine cooler will be sure to create and expand an array of compliments from visitors. Click here to see the options you have for wine coolers available for you, today (with fast delivery times).