What Is A Freestanding Wine Cooler?

  • 2021-06-21

Wine coolers, also called wine chillers or wine refrigerators, are freestanding units where you can store wine at the perfect temperature. These appliances typically come with adjustable temperatures between 45 and 64 degrees, allowing you to store red wine or white wine at your convenience.

With a variety of different finishes, dimensions, and prices, wine coolers are an ideal storage solution for wine enthusiasts. A freestanding wine cooler is different from your standard kitchen refrigerator. These appliances ensure that wine is kept away from heat, light, and other things that can contaminate it.

Let’s take a closer look at what freestanding wine coolers are and what makes them stand out.


The Differences Between a Freestanding Wine Cooler And A Standard Refrigerator

If you are serious about collecting and keeping wine, then you should know your kitchen refrigerator isn’t up to the job. Here are the reasons that freestanding wine coolers are the better option:


Wider Bottle Capacity

A standard refrigerator only has room for two or three wine bottles at most. A wine cooler has much more room. You can keep all the wine bottles you need to quench your thirst or grow your collection. This extra capacity also means you can store wine for longer and age it at home.


Stores Wine At The Perfect Temperature

A standard refrigerator could be too cold or too humid for storing wine. This affects the taste and quality of the wine. Freestanding wine coolers are made to keep wine at the ideal temperature. Having the wine stored at the right temperature also allows you to age wine without compromising the taste and texture.


Removable Shelves And Adjustable Temperature Zones

Another key advantage to using a wine cooler is that some models have dual-zone cooling. Red wine and white wine should be stored at different temperatures.

Wine coolers with dual-zone cooling are best for people who store both red and white wine. Wine coolers also have removable shelves to accommodate larger bottles and better control and organize your collection.


Superior Cooling

Most wine coolers are made with thermoelectric cooling systems over the vapour compression you get with regular refrigerators. Not only are these systems quieter but they are also more energy-efficient. They also vibrate less, meaning they don’t stir up the sediments in wine to better preserve the natural taste.


Differences Between Freestanding And Built-In Wine Coolers

If you are looking for a wine cooler, you’ve likely seen plenty of differences between the different types. One of the biggest differences is choosing between a freestanding or a built-in wine cooler. The main difference between these two types of appliances is where the vent is.

Any appliance that goes under a counter or other surface should have adequate ventilation to prevent overheating problems. Wine coolers are no different. Wine coolers with a vent on the front let you build the unit wherever you need.

If the vent is on the side or back of the unit, you need to leave enough space between the vent and the wall to let the air from the vent dissipate. Another difference between the two types is the dimensions of the wine cooler. Built-in wine coolers have a similar depth to the kitchen counters and other fixtures they go with.

This ensures you have enough space for the unit and that it doesn't stand out in your kitchen. Freestanding models come in different shapes and sizes and give more freedom of choice. There are pros and cons to both types of wine coolers. The main advantage of choosing a freestanding cooler is that they are generally cheaper.

However, a built-in unit typically offers more options for placement because you can install it under a cabinet.


Freestanding Wine Cooler FAQ

Can I store any size bottle in a freestanding cooler?

Most freestanding wine coolers are made for standard-size wine bottles. Some of them have bigger shelves or removable shelves that let you store different-sized bottles. Look for this feature if you think you’ll need it.


Should I choose a single-zone or dual-zone wine cooler?

This depends on what you need. Single-zone coolers have one cooling temperature while dual cooling zones have two. If you want to store two different types of wine that feature separate cooling requirements - you’ll want to opt for dual-zone wine coolers. If not, you can save money by choosing a single-zone cooler.


Are freestanding wine coolers childproof?

Most freestanding wine coolers have childproofing features such as locks.


Are there any additional options to consider?

There are several things to consider to ensure you get the right wine cooler for you.

First of all, consider how much noise the machine makes. We recommend choosing a model with thermoelectric cooling because these are quieter. Also, check the rack construction on the appliance. Generally, racks are made from wood, wire, or a combination of both.

Outside of the material used to make the racks, choose a model that lets you store different-sized bottles if you need them. There are reversible doors out there if you don’t mind paying extra for the freedom of choice.


Final Thoughts

No matter the size of your freestanding wine cooler, these appliances are useful for any wine collector or drinker. Some freestanding wine coolers are better than others, so be sure to shop around and look for the features that matter most to you.

Do you need dual cooling? Do you need a reversible door? How much space do you need to store your wine? How big is your collection? These are all questions that can help you determine the ideal freestanding wine cooler for your home or place of business.