Why Get an Under Counter Wine Fridge?

  • 2022-05-06

If wine is a part of your weekly routine, you may be thinking of ways to enjoy your wine even more without certain factors affecting taste, smell, storage space, etc. While browsing the internet, you may have come across built-in wine fridges.

Whether that be stored under your counter, by your fridge or anywhere that needs some occupied space in your household. With this luxurious instalment, great-tasting wine has never been so easily accessible. If you’re feeling curious about whether a built-in wine fridge cooler is for you, read along with us to find out more.


What is a Built-In Wine Fridge?

With other models and variants such as the freestanding wine cooler model being available on the wine fridge market - it can get quite confusing when coming to the final decision of purchasing the right wine cooler for you. However, some will suit other people’s needs more than others - and that’s why we’re here to help!

A built-in wine cooler fridge is tailor-made for the exact amount of space you have in a certain area. For example, if you’re wanting a wine fridge in your kitchen under your counter - this can be fitted with an exact wine fridge the size of that spot in your kitchen! Whereas, the freestanding models may be in different sizes that may or may not fit in your kitchen based on width and height.

Moreover, a built-in wine cooler needs to have proper ventilation installed - otherwise it will end up overheating. This is because if the wine cooler is pressed up against the walls, the heat is unable to dissipate and will damage the temperature and freezers in the wine cooler. Not only that, but it will blemish your wine as it is meant to stay in a cool environment.


Pros and Cons of Having a Built-In Wine Fridge

Although there are many promising signs of how a built-in wine fridge can be seen as a no-thought type of purchase - there are some underlying issues and concerns that may impact a few people. Knowing all this information will give you an overall better understanding of what will be best for you and your home. Let’s start with the pros of having a built-in under the counter wine fridge:


Keeping Your Aesthetic

Having a freestanding model in your kitchen may influence how your kitchen looks to you and other people viewing your household. Many people don’t like the aesthetics of their home to be ruined by certain ornaments, tools or any tangible household goods. Whereas, a built-in wine cooler will be tailored to your aesthetic and won’t modify the look of your kitchen. With the freedom to decide where you want it to be fitted - it will be hidden away and at your fingertips whenever you need a cool bottle of wine.


Sleek Appeal

When seeing a built-in wine fridge in all its glory for the first time in a kitchen - there is something very sophisticated, yet attractive about its presence. With its ability to be refashioned with multiple display features such as motion sensor lights, LED lighting, rolling tracks and many more accessories - an under counter wine fridge can make a first impression like no other.


Controlling the Ideal Temperature

Every wine needs the best treatment to reciprocate the best taste, smell and texture. Controlling the temperature of your drinks is an essential part of this process. Having a built-in wine fridge allows this to happen and with a dual zone wine cooler - you can store wines together that are meant to be set at different temperatures. However, some cons need to be considered when deciding on your built-in product:


The Cost of a Built-In Wine Fridge

Due to the luxurious nature of the built-in fridge and how precise it needs to be to fit perfectly in your kitchen - a sale of these wine coolers can be upwards of £1000. For the majority of people, this is an expensive price or investment and requires a lot of savings to purchase the wine cooler - however, long-term it can serve as a money-saving tool.

Freestanding wine fridges can vary from anywhere from £100 upwards. Therefore, there are a lot more affordable options if you’re going to stick with a freestanding model. Ultimately, it is your choice to weigh up and compare what you would prefer and can afford for your household.


Maintenance of a Built-In Wine Fridge

As you know, every appliance or household item needs some attention when it comes to maintenance - but to keep your built-in wine cooler running at optimal condition, it needs to be cleaned often. However, before cleaning your wine fridge there are a few things you need to know. First of all, your wine fridge will have to be disconnected and all of your wine bottles that were stored inside will need to be taken out.

After this, you’ll need to examine your wine cooler for any moisture or frost buildup that could be damaging your wine. If there appears to be any, you’ll need to wipe it down. Once this is done, you can connect your wine cooler back up. It will need to be let cool at the right temperature before putting all your wine back in the fridge.


Dunavox Under Counter Wine Fridges

Now that we know all about under counter wine fridges and their pros and cons - you may be thinking “well, I can deal with the cons and the pros overweigh them substantially”. So, if you’re in this position, keep reading along on how you can get your hands on a luxury under the counter wine fridge.

At Dunavox, we have a comprehensive collection of under counter wine coolers ranging from all different prices and complexions, based on your kitchen’s colourway. The wine coolers come in all shapes and sizes and act as the perfect solution to store wine and keep it fresh for as long as you need. If you’re interested in purchasing one of our practical, yet aesthetic under counter wine fridges, click here to see more.