Why You Should Use a Wine Fridge in The Summer

  • 2022-07-18

Summertime will always be the time of the year when cold drinks need to be easily accessible to everyone’s dispense - whether it be playing a sport, hosting parties at your household or just generally chilling in the sun.

The holiday season is ever upon you and time for relaxing with friends and family is essential for making long-lasting memories. Typically on these warm, summer days - the fridge will be a little bit more stacked than in any other season.

So, why is it important to have the correct storage options this year for specific drinks? Is the taste of wine justified in a normal refrigerator? Let’s run you through the reasons a wine fridge should be on your list of purchases this summer!


What Types of Wine Coolers Are There?

Before we venture into why you need a wine cooler this summer - it is worth understanding the different types of wine coolers, their product specification and buying guide for which one suits your household or commercial property the most. Here are the three opposing wine coolers that can be installed immediately!


Fully Integrated Wine Coolers

This luxurious design and type of wine cooler are manufactured to be applicable for every cabinet spacing that is provided within a kitchen area. However, if the right air flow is not measured out correctly - the wine fridge will begin to overheat.

Therefore, if you measure out your space and combine that with an integrated wine cooler with the right product specification sheet - the air will be free to flow effectively. Whether it be a single zone or dual zone wine cooler, cool beverages such as wine, beer and champagne can be stored well.


Freestanding Wine Coolers

In contrast to the previous model, a freestanding wine cooler is a smart, stand-alone wine cooler fridge that cannot be installed in cabinetry space or under a counter. However, the capacity levels of the freestanding wine coolers (especially if you invest in a tall freestanding wine fridge) will be much greater.

These models are great for reciprocating the storage capacity of a wine cellar/wine cave - but also added on, they have cooling features, humidity control and many more that outweigh the benefits of a wine cellar or cave. Likewise, with the previous integrated model, this wine cooler will need its space to optimise the temperature of the wine - ensuring that it is performing at its peak performance.


Built-in/ Under Counter Wine Coolers

Built-in/ under-counter wine coolers are the middle ground between freestanding wine fridges and integrated wine fridges. These models sit on the floor and can also have a built-in look under the counters they’re placed in. Additionally, built-in/ under-counter wine coolers will need around 0.25cm to 0.5cm around the perimeter of the fridge. Otherwise, the vent underneath the wine fridge will not be able to expel the warm air that will be penetrating the wine cooler.

Depending on the space you have under your counter in the specific property you desire it to be in, will determine the size of the wine cooler you can get. If you have more space under your counter, taking the measurements and lining it up to a built-in/ under-counter wine cooler that will fit your specifications is necessary.


The Need for a Wine Fridge (Summer Edition)

With internal and external factors always affecting everything we do in daily life - it is easy to forget how big of an impact this can have on performance. The same goes for wine. In the summer especially, there is a multitude of ingredients and formulas that can be damaging to your wine drinking experience. But, how can a wine fridge stop these factors from becoming a problem? Let’s run you through it!


Humidity/ Temperature Control

As you well know, summer is a time when the humidity and temperature levels will rise, no matter where you are. Even in the UK, the temperature in every city will rise as people begin to sit outside more and more. When sitting outside in the sun, it is no secret that the mood is high and more drinks will be poured. Therefore, it is with good knowledge that storage needs to be optimal for your beverages. For soft drinks, a mini-fridge is a popular choice and for alcohol (especially wine), a smart wine cooler should be the go-to option.

With the height of the technology, cooling systems are in place (whether it be a single zone or dual zone) to keep your beverages at optimal temperature. For example, if you have a dual-zone wine fridge - it will be able to keep champagne at its optimal temperature whilst keeping wine at its optimal temperature too (on different racks). Therefore, with little amounts of research, you can keep your beverages at the height of their potential when it comes to opening them on a summer’s day.


Blocking Sunlight

Unfortunately, when sunlight meets wine, the compounds and chemicals within the wine will deteriorate. This will ruin the flavour, scent and appearance of your wine for good. The sweetness from the taste will turn into a sour one. The scent will change from a cherry/butter/ elderflower smell to polish remover/ vinegar. Lastly, the appearance will contrast from thin and translucent to a more cloudy, brown look.

With the UV rays beaming on the wine if not stored correctly. These are some of the initial and future occurrences that will damage your wine. However, with a wine cooler having accessories and gadgets that help with storage - your bottles of wine are much safer. For example, most modern-day wine coolers now have built-in UV-protected glass that will stop any UV rays from beaming on your best wine bottles. Especially in summer when the sun is more prevalent, this feature will be much more suitable for optimal storage.

Therefore, not only have the reviews online been much more appreciative of the features during summer, all-year-round these wine coolers will be a must-have. Whether you’re building your bar, or you’re just doing it for storage reasons - buying a wine cooler will certainly make preserving easier. If you want to check out any wine coolers, click here for the best buys this summer!