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Glance - Integrated

Integrated wine units within a kitchen’s aesthetic are becoming more and more favoured throughout the wine-collecting industry. With substantial knowledge being acquired by the public for types of wine storage, people are beginning to realise the importance and benefits of good preservation for their wine collection and we're looking to offer you a reliable choice for your home.

Our Dunavox Glance collection has been designed with luxury in mind. We have made sure that every integrated wine cooler that we offer will be something that your dinner guests will be in awe of. These wine fridges come packed with plenty of amazing features as standard which will be perfect for displaying your extensive wine collections for many years to come

At Dunavox, we believe that our one-of-a-kind collection will be what you need in order to store your wine effectively - whilst presenting a visually appealing array of wines. View our Dunavox Glance collection here!


Glance Integrated Wine Coolers: What Are They?

An integrated wine cooler is a wine refrigeration unit that is built into and integrated into the decor of the space in which they are being installed. These types of wine coolers will be able to offer you a vast amount of unique features that freestanding coolers of the same price simply will not be able to provide.< ...