Dunavox Soul-25


2 Cooling Zone  Int ventilation system    Multi LED light  Undercounter  Integrated  Fan assisted cooling  Humidity control  UV light protection  Vibration free storing  Touch screen            3 years warranty  


A dual zone, 25 bottle integrated model featuring integrated ventilation. Boasting an elegant exterior and a stainless steel door handle, the DUNAVOX Soul-25 is perfect for contemporary kitchen environments. The bottles are displayed on solid beech wood shelves and surrounded by white, amber and blue multi LED lighting. Please note that this model is an integrated unit designed to be built in or installed undercounter, and is not intended as a freestanding wine cooler. 

The SOUL-25 integrated wine cooler is designed to match the other appliances in your kitchen, this model is the same size as a single oven, meaning it can sit adjacent to them with no ventilation problems, or below.  The SOUL-25 is a 595mm high unit which will sit in a standard 600mm kitchen unit and due to the integrated ventilation system you can also install this wine cooler underneath a counter top which makes it very versatile.

You can find the installation diagram, here.



Self-ventilation is an exciting new feature that most of the Dunavox integrated wine cooler range has, normal wine coolers require a plinth vent and service channel behind them which can make them difficult to install in existing spaces.  The self-ventilation system enables adequate air flow for the cooling system and features two vents behind the door which has a 4cm deep void behind it, a set of silent fans then force the cool air in through the bottom of the cooler and warm air out, up behind the top of the wine cooler door.

Another benefit to the self-ventilation system is that it means the wine coolers can be installed underneath a counter top without hindering the cooling performance, this does provide more options for installation and we find customers like the options this feature gives the designer.




How long does it take to deliver your SOUL wine coolers?

The SOUL range is stocked at our main warehouse in Budapest, Hungary.  In general we can deliver in 10-14 working days to most UK and Ireland location, The SOUL-25 is a popular model so it may be available from our UK warehouse in 2-3 working days.  Contact the sales office for accurate stock levels and lead times: 01244 681 369 / sales.gb@dunavox.com


How long is the warranty?

Dunavox offer 3 year parts and labour warranty as standard, this covers all parts, labour and replacements should the product be deemed irreparable.  You can upgrade your warranty to 5 years on the compressor itself by registering your product, here.


Quiet operation

The SOUL-25 is a very quiet operating appliance with its inverter compressor which is digitally controlled allowing it to control the speed it runs at, this makes it a quiet running wine cooler with an average noise output of 39dB – once installed you will very rarely hear the Dunavox Soul range of wine coolers.


Multi LED Lighting

Another great feature to the SOUL wine cooler range is the option to switch between the white, amber or blue LED lighting and during events, you can leave it on ‘Party mode’ which will cycle through all three colours which makes the wine cooler really stand out.


What colours is the SOUL-25 available in?

The SOUL-25 is available in black with a full tinted glass door or in a seamless stainless steel finish, both are UV treated and as standard will be delivered with a stainless handle.  If you require a black handle, please contact us.


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