A Guide To Dunavox Wine Fridge Collections

  • 2023-01-06

At Dunavox, we offer a wide range of wine coolers and fridges, suitable for all requirements. Not only are our collections made up of some of the best cooling unit designs out there on the market today, but they’re also manufactured with top-quality materials that last for long periods of time.

We understand the importance of offering a varied selection of wine storage units to our customers. Regardless of the collection size you have to accommodate, Dunavox will have something available for your home or commercial space.

Having been in the industry for a number of years, our expert team have been able to design top-of-the-range products that have been made with state-of-the-art technology to stock across our site. With a plethora of diverse collections, it’s never been easier to shop for your dream wine fridge.

It can be daunting making your first wine cooler purchase, which is why our team is on hand to help and give professional advice. Suited for different kitchen types and bottle capacities, our wine coolers have been crafted with the highest excellence. If you’re yet to pick out your ideal storage facility, continue reading.


Dunavox Wine Fridge Collections

From Glance, Sera, Integrated, Under Counter, Freestanding and Large Capacity, we have seven main collections on our site. We’ve made sure to offer an array of key features and design perks within our ranges, making each quality wine cooler the perfect storage display for collectors, investors and wine lovers.



Within our Dunavox Glance collection, you’ll be able to find an array of integrated wine coolers that are specifically designed to be built into existing kitchen cabinets. With many designs coming with a plethora of key features, such as fan-assisted cooling and push-to-open technology, this collection isn’t to be missed.

For the ultimate kitchen aesthetic, we recommend having a Dunavox Glance wine cooler installed in your home. Offering a luxury and sleek design, the wine coolers within this range are sure to get your friends and family talking.

Being one of the most sought-after forms of wine storage, it’s clear to see why so many of our customers shop for this collection. Unlike freestanding units, integrated wine coolers are to be situated in existing cabinet space.

Whether you’re looking to age your wine collection for an extended amount of time, or simply keep a few bottles chilled and ready for the weekend, you can trust that your alcoholic goods will be kept at a maintained temperature of your choice.



Similar to our Glance collection, the Soul range offers a multitude of top-quality wine fridges that are to be fully integrated into kitchen cabinets and tight nooks. For a seamless finish, consider installing a Dunavox Soul storage facility into your home space.

Regardless of your interior, our designs have proven to give both traditional and modern kitchens a sophisticated and affluent appearance. With many benefits, customers are able to keep their wine bottles neatly displayed within arm’s reach.

A fully integrated wine fridge allows you to keep the smooth presentation that your kitchen offers - having a cooling system installed doesn’t mean you have to lose floor space or feel closed in.



Specifically designed to store champagne, the Dunavox Sera line is ideal for those who like to collect one wine variant at a time. If you’re looking for a unit that comes with ageing benefits, you’ll be glad to know that Sera models can hold all champagne types for months at a time.

A well-favoured beverage to many, champagne is a popular alcoholic drink that can be enjoyed all year round - especially during festive periods and celebrations. Storing champagne correctly is just as important as storing wine, and that’s exactly why we created the Sera range.

There are many contrasting features between wine and champagne, although the two share a few similarities. Compared to many other champagne cooler designs that are available on the market today, our champagne storage units come with distanced shelving, expert LED lighting and humidity control.

The Sera collection of single-zone wine coolers can suitably house all champagne, with extended space available for larger bottles.


Under Counter

Under-counter units, commonly known as built-in wine coolers, are best suited to be installed under kitchen counters or breakfast bars. The Dunavox Flow collection allows customers to choose from an array of expertly designed wine cooler products for all kitchen types.

With our smallest design fitting just nine bottles, you won’t have to worry about filling up empty space if you’re not a keen collector. With a variety of measurements to choose from, integrating an under-counter wine cooler will be much simpler than imagined.

We always recommend customers choose a safe place within their kitchen area to install a wine cooler - this is due to the external heat that comes from appliances like ovens and dishwashers. Although it’s best preferred that a professional electrician install your cooling unit, we understand that not everyone has access to such a service that comes with an additional price.



Arguably one of the most popular designs to go for, freestanding wine coolers offer many conveniences and versatility. Allowing you to have complete control and free rein in regards to where you place your cooler, freestanding models are the easiest to implement in your home setting.

Best suited for larger bottle collections, our freestanding designs are able to hold a varied range of bottle capacities. Whether you’re looking to purchase a freestanding wine cooler for your home or commercial space, you can rest assured that these units look great regardless of where they’re kept.

If you’re after a dual-zone wine cooler to accommodate a varied selection of wines, a freestanding model from our collection would be great. How your guests or commercial customers view your collection is important, which is why each design comes with LED features and UV-protected glass doors.


Large Capacity

Large-capacity wine coolers are ideal for those looking for a cheaper option compared to having a cellar built into your home. The ultimate wine storage solution for restaurant, hotel and bar owners - large capacity coolers can typically hold anywhere between 70 to 200 bottles at a time.

Like many of our designs, each large-capacity wine cooler comes with UV-protected glass doors, helping prevent any lighting damage to your bigger collections. With a touch-to-open feature, you'll be able to fetch your wine bottles with ease for customers or guests.


Shopping Dunavox Wine Fridge Collections

Our helpful team is on hand to help potential customers pick out their ideal storage unit. We’ve managed to maintain fantastic customer ratings and five-star reviews since we first established our company.

Offering a professional delivery service to both the UK and the Republic of Ireland, we remain committed to serving customers up until the very final stages when we deliver your goods.

Feel free to contact a member of staff for any additional questions about our collections. We look forward to hearing from you.