Best Locations For A Large Wine Cooler

  • 2022-11-16

Large-capacity wine collections can be very difficult to store, and for those in the market for a way to do so, you may find that a large wine cooler is exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re thinking of buying a brand new wine cooler, something you will have to consider is where you’ll put it. Finding a storage space for something so large while still making it convenient to get to is one of the most pressing issues when it comes to these purchases.

For many wine lovers, having accessible yet properly stored wine will be paramount when committing to the purchase of a wine cooler. Throughout this blog, we will be exploring some of the best places where we believe you should consider placing your wine fridges and give you a comprehensive guide on which would be best for you.


Types of Wine Coolers

First of all, we believe it is important to define what types of wine cooler you may choose to install in your home. At Dunavox, you can find a range of single-door wine coolers fit for all purposes. If you’re looking for a single-zone wine cooler, dual-zone wine cooler or multi-zone wine fridge, we have you covered. Wine coolers are a great way to showcase your wine collection and therefore it is vital to know how you would like this to be done:


Freestanding Wine Cooler

These types of coolers are the most easily divisible from the others as these are simply placed freely in their area of a room, and not built into units. A freestanding wine cooler is placed separately from the rest of your decor, therefore it is important to keep in mind where you place these as they can easily overheat if not placed in a good position. They need around 12 inches of space above the unit and a few inches around the rear and sides for optimal airflow.


Built-in Wine Cooler

Built-in wine coolers are made to fit perfectly into a certain space in your home, usually under countertops. Built-in coolers tend to be the best for larger wine collections as they have a bottle capacity of around 200 or more bottles.


Integrated Wine Cooler

Unlike a built-in cooler, an integrated wine cooler is designed to fit into the decor of your house and not just into a certain space in your home. These are integrated with airflow in mind as they will usually be added into an area in which there is sufficient space for air to get in and out to prevent overheating.



Storing your wine cooler in your garage is a rather popular choice for many wine connoisseurs as this provides ample storage space for wine coolers. Garages tend to be where many people keep extra furniture, tools, cleaning supplies etc, so this would be the perfect place for the accommodation of your new cooler. This could either be free-standing or incorporated into your furniture/worktops that are already present, which would make this feel like a natural inclusion to your room.

Many people regard their wine coolers as accessories or add-ons to their furniture, however, it is completely possible to change this and make it a necessary addition to your home decor. The garage may not be the most accessible area of your house which may be why you consider it elsewhere in your home - however, this is still a great place to take into consideration.


Built Into Kitchens

Your kitchen may be one of the more obvious choices to place your wine fridge - however, this is for a very good reason. The kitchen could be the perfect place for your wine cooler when fully incorporated into the design of your kitchen as it allows you to so easily access all of your bottles of wine, Champagne and just about anything you might want to store there.

With their sleek, modern designs, they’ll fit right at home in your kitchen and not at all look out of place. In fact, an integrated wine cooler could be the final touch to add to the aesthetic of your kitchen. One important note is that when installing your wine cooler into your kitchen, avoid placing it near appliances that generate heat - for example, cookers or washing machines. You may also wish to avoid placing it near appliances that are too cold (e.g freezers) as this could lower the internal temperature of the cooler. Small wine coolers are also ideal for kitchens. 


Basement/ Cellar

Deciding where to place your wine coolers may provide the perfect excuse to finally go ahead with any basement refurbishment plans that have been postponed as you would not have seen the use for the money to be spent.

Basement renovations are incredibly important when storing wine due to the conditions needed to store wine correctly. The environment should not be too damp, however, some coolers have the capabilities of coping with slightly more humid environments than others. With Dunavox, you can find wine fridges that feature humidity regulation. Your basement is a wonderful choice when it comes to finding a place for your wine collection as it provides use for what might have been an otherwise unused room.


Utility Room

A utility room, otherwise known as a “laundry room” is usually a small, compact room in your house that is used to store your practical household items such as an ironing board, washing machines and more which is why it could be the perfect place for you to store your wine cooler! You can also place your wine cooler under the stairs

These types of rooms tend to be near your kitchen and could be the best way to keep your kitchen organised and still have your wine cooler in an easily accessible position. Putting your wine cooler in the right place is essential, which is why the utilisation of your utility room could be great. These rooms could, however, be very humid - and therefore not optimal for storing conditions for wine along with being rather small most of the time. This means that depending on your situation, a large wine cooler may not be ideal for this type of room.


Dining Room

Like the kitchen and utility room, the dining room could be one of the more convenient places you could store your wine fridge as it is possibly the most common place that you will be using the wine that you store. Wine fridges can turn any room into a classy, professional area perfect for inviting guests over for any number of dinner parties and friendly get-togethers. Placing your wine cooler in the dining room can provide you and your dinner guests with an incredibly convenient, quick and easy-to-access source of wine throughout a dinner party or a simple, general get-together.