The Best Place To Install A Small Wine Cooler

  • 2022-09-09

Deciding on where to put your wine cooler can be one of the hardest decisions, especially if it’s integrated or built-in. Choosing a designated space for your cooler should be something that takes a lot of consideration, even more so if you know you won’t be able to move it afterwards. Wine coolers are a popular accessory to have installed within your home. For many people, wine coolers offer convenience and luxury, allowing you to keep your regular refrigerator completely separate. If you’re an avid wine drinker and enjoy an alcoholic beverage after a long working week, purchasing a small wine cooler unit could be in your favour.

Whether you’re after a small integrated, under-counter or freestanding wine cooler, Dunavox has something for everyone. We understand that people own an array of contrasting collections, which is why all our coolers have different bottle capacities. Storing wine at the right temperature is crucial, not only does it accentuate the overall flavour and aroma, but it also acts as a display cabinet to show off your collection.

Our Dunavox refrigerators come with a wide temperature range, humidity zone and a list of other key benefits - what’s not to love? If you’re interested in purchasing a small Dunavox wine cooler but are yet to decide on where to place it, continue reading our buying guide on the best place for your small wine cooler.


Best Places to Keep a Wine Cooler

Regardless of whether you’re purchasing a small, medium-sized or large wine cooler, you’ve got to know the best place to keep it. Typically, wine coolers are kept in kitchens due to them being more accessible and convenient.



If you’re interested in buying a small wine refrigerator, installing it in your kitchen would be the best option. By keeping your cooler in your kitchen, you’re just an arm's length away from grabbing bottles of wine from your collection. Both integrated and built-in wine coolers can usually be found in a kitchen, but with smaller freestanding wine coolers becoming more popular for those with a growing collection, more people are keeping them in kitchens as well.

Small freestanding coolers are perfect for collectors, and when you compare them to integrated coolers, there’s no denying that they offer more free rein. The beauty of small freestanding coolers is that you can freely adjust where you decide to place them.

Wine coolers within our Dunavox Flow Collection are designed to match the height of a kitchen counter, meaning wherever you place your cooler, it’ll be seamlessly hidden and give the sleekest appearance.


Dining Room

Sometimes, we like to keep our kitchen as it is without adding wine coolers and modern devices into the space. Dining rooms are an extension of our kitchen space, as well as acting as an area for families to gather.

Wine is often paired with a meal, so there’s no surprise that in some households, wine coolers will be found in the dining room. Unless your dining room is on the larger side, it can be overwhelming to place a tall, freestanding cooler within the space.

If you have spare wall space, having one of our integrated wine coolers installed could help save room and add a modern twist to your pre-existing decor. We recommend placing an integrated cooler in a space where it’ll be easily accessible and simple to open and close the door.


Home Bar

Although not everyone has a home bar, they’re becoming increasingly popular as more people discover that staying in is just as fun as going out. For many families, a home bar acts as the socialising hub and main attraction during parties.

We recommend browsing our range of integrated or built-in coolers if you’re looking for something to install within your home bar. With key features including LED lighting, humidity control and smart shelving, you’ll still be able to show off your wine collection no matter how small your cooler is.

By having a small, compact wine cooler integrated into your bar space, you won’t have to worry about running back and forth to your kitchen whilst you're playing host to family and friends. If you’re unable to have a wine cooler installed into your bar, Dunavox offers a wide range of small freestanding coolers that look great on countertops.



A garage acts as a perfect place to keep your alcoholic beverages cold. By placing your wine cooler in the garage, it’ll not only work better thanks to the limited heat exposure but also lower the risk of your cooler breaking down.

Although garages are an ideal place to keep your wine cooler, it seems a shame to hide it from your guests. At Dunavox, we believe that our products should be shown off - why purchase a top-of-the-range wine cooler and have it hidden? If you’re purchasing a small cooler, there are plenty of places you’ll be able to store it including walls, cabinets and home bars.

Saying this, we do recommend those living in a warmer climate keep their wine cooler in the coldest area of their home, that being a garage if you have one.


Small Wine Coolers at Dunavox

Compared to large-capacity wine coolers, small wine coolers act as the perfect place to store collections made up of only a few bottles. Per month, we supply high-quality wine coolers to our customers - with five-star reviews, we can see why people keep returning.

A small wine cooler is ideal if you’re wanting to keep your beverages separate from where you keep your food. There are plenty of misconceptions about people only buying wine coolers for larger collections when this isn’t the case at all. Whether it’s five bottles or ten, we still recommend keeping wine in a designated cooler.

Most small wine coolers are single-zone freestanding models - however, it’s possible to find a small wine fridge in our collection that features dual temperature zones.

If you require any additional information about our wine coolers, a member of the team from Dunavox will be happy to help. On hand to help our loyal customers, feel free to contact us through the contact details listed on our site.