Exploring The Dunavox DXFH-54

  • 2022-10-06

A perfect freestanding wine cooler that you can add to your home is the ‘Dunavox DXFH-54.150’, Dunavox has been developing high-quality wine coolers for over 15 years now, which has got them the label as being ‘The Wine Cooling Expert’ and have one of Europe’s largest range of freestanding wine coolers available.

Based out of Budapest, Hungary, Dunavox are an award-winning wine cooler manufacturer that has designed various models for both commercial and residential settings. They are known for their luxurious minimalist designs while having a highly functional design character. They focus heavily on practical layouts for easy use, the latest technology in wine cooling and energy-efficient performance. Due to this, Dunavox has found its way to becoming one of the most favoured manufacturers of wine coolers in Europe as there is a wide range of coolers available and their fabulous designs including The Dunavox DXFH-54.150.

The Dunavox DXFH-54.150 freestanding wine cooler offers the ideal conditions that allow you to perfectly store your wine collection, whether it be for the short-term or long term. It has been specifically designed to be installed without any problems - it has great storage capabilities as you are able to store up to a massive 54 bottles of wine. Built with UV-protective glass and a vibration-free compressor, you can rest assured that your fine wine is being stored correctly! Not only can you store your wine collection in this freestanding wine cooler but you can also store your bottles of Champagne safely.

When purchasing The Dunavox DXFH-54.150, you get three years of warranty, meaning if there are any problems that happen, you are able to contact them within the time frame for them to fix or replace the faults. With the high-quality design, there is a slim chance that you will need to use the warranty - but as they have tremendous belief in their product, they are happy to offer a warranty for peace of mind!

We have got our expert in-house team today to give you more insight into the Dunavox DXFH-54.150 and all the amazing benefits that come with it. If you would like to hear more then contact our friendly support team who will be able to talk through our high-quality range of wine coolers available to help you find the perfect one for your situation.


Temperature Zones

The Dunavox DXFH-54.150 is a dual-zone temperature wine cooler meaning you are able to select two different temperature zones inside the wine cooler. The top zone of the wine cooler is allowed to be set between 4° and 18° which is an ideal temperature zone for your bottles of white wine. Meanwhile, the bottom zone is able to set between 10° and 18° which is perfect for those tasty bottles of red wine.

With dual temperatures, you are not allowed to set the lower zone to be cooler than the top zone as the maximum difference between the two zones is 6°. This feature is extremely popular with wine connoisseurs who enjoy collecting both red and white bottles of wine, due to the fact that these two types of wine require different types of temperatures while in storage so that they keep that perfect taste plus help age it while in storage.

Wine coolers have become a much-preferred choice amongst wine connoisseurs due to temperature features such as this as they prefer to be able to control the temperature to what they want compared to a wine cellar where the temperature might change depending on circumstances and numerous factors.


Noise Levels

You won’t have to worry about your wine cooler making a lot of noise as this freestanding wine cooler is designed to be very quiet, with a low operating noise of 42dB. The reason why the operating noise can be this low is due to the compressor that is mounted on the rubber mounts and the unit is cooled by the assisted fan cooling that allows the wine cooler to keep an even temperature while running throughout both of the temperature zones previously spoken about.



Lighting is extremely important when it comes to wine storage. If your wine is exposed to harmful UV rays from sunlight, it can affect the taste of your wine to the point where it becomes undrinkable which is never good - especially if you’ve invested a bit of money into having a fine wine for a special occasion. This is due to UV rays affecting the chemicals inside your bottle of wine when it has been exposed to UV over time.

The Dunavox DXFH-54.150 comes designed with tinted glass doors that are UV-treated to battle against harmful UV rays - and the lighting inside the wine cooler is LED lighting which is the ideal lighting as it is not harmful and won’t heat up the wine cooler.


Installation Process

The Dunavox DXFH-54.150 is a freestanding cooler meaning there is much more flexibility when it comes to installation. The design wine cooling system in this unit is mounted on the side walls. This means that installing your Dunavox DXFH-54.150 will require at least 2-3 inches of ventilation space around the sides and then you should leave 10-12 inches above. Unfortunately, this type of unit is not designed for any under-counter use.



If you are looking for a luxurious freestanding wine cooler that holds up to 54 bottles of your finest wine then look no further in investing in the Dunavox DXFH-54.150 for your home or commercial property. This unit cooler will transform your wine collection journey as it will help provide a much higher tasting experience when you decide to open your bottle of wine.

This wine cooler is the perfect balance between style, capacity and functionality. You can contact our wine cooling expert team here to find out more information about the Dunavox DXFH-54.150 and we can get your cooler ready to go and installed in no time.