How To Make A Wine Fridge Quieter

  • 2023-01-20

Having a wine fridge in your home is a luxury, with many homeowners choosing to have one integrated into their space to store bottle collections. It’s important to have the right cooling system in place when it comes to collecting wine, which is why at Dunavox, we have a variety of collections to choose from.

Although there are many benefits that come with owning a wine fridge, having a noisy storage unit has the potential to cause a lot of issues. With an array of advantages, wine fridges add a modern, luxurious appearance to your home, but nothing is less luxurious than a noisy wine cooler.

Having frequent sounds coming from your wine cooler can cause much annoyance, especially if you have your cooling unit installed in your kitchen and living space. Even the quietest models can cause a disturbance, so just how do you make them generate fewer noises?

The experts here at Dunavox have put together this blog for those struggling with their noisy wine fridge. Read on to find out more information.


Why is Your Wine Fridge Noisy?

There are many reasons to conclude why your wine fridge might be making a sound - perhaps it’s struggling to maintain a certain temperature, or it could even be down to the unit type. Refrigerator noises are common when your storage unit is struggling to consistently stay at an ambient temperature, which is why it’s so important to invest in a high-quality cooling appliance.

Maybe it's a frequent rattling noise or clicking sound - either way, no one wants a loud wine fridge. Wine fridges that are made with low-quality materials are not only prone to breaking easily and lasting for a short period of time, but they also tend to emit more noise than anticipated. Unlike a regular, household fridge freezer, wine fridges are designed in such a way that the components within are able to remain chilled at the correct temperature setting.

Often leading to frequent repair and professional upkeep, wine fridges made from unreliable materials and low-quality fans are usually the ones that generate the most noise. At Dunavox, we dedicate time and effort to manufacturing the best, hard-wearing wine fridges for your home and commercial space.

After thorough research, we’ve been able to put together the top two reasons why your wine fridge could be making so much noise. It can be hard to find out why your fridge is so noisy, but it could be because of one of the following reasons.


The Fan Type

If you purchase a storage system that has an electrical fan, the chances of having a quiet fridge are slim. Refrigerator noise level differs depending on what parts your unit has - with electric fans being one of the main culprits to a noisy fridge.

If you have a small wine cooler, the quieter it’s going to be. With many passionate collectors in need of a wine fridge that offers a dual-zone temperature range, it’s understandable why so many people end up with louder appliances.

Unlike single-zone temperature wine coolers, dual-zone storage units are built with more fans - this ultimately helps the fridge maintain different temperatures at once and means the system is constantly working harder. Making sure that your wine fridge is cleaned regularly will help avoid dust build-up and clogging.


The Compressor

Often found at the bottom of your wine fridge, a compressor is a device that helps generate the hot and cold cycle from within. It’s no secret that vibration disturbs the lying sediment found in wine bottles, leading to a stale taste and aroma.

Luckily, most compressor units come with a silicone base, something that stops the compressor from vibrating the wine fridge for long periods of time. Although the technique of using silicone pads seems great, it can lead to a deep humming sound.

Unlike other fridge designs, compressor units don’t need to function continuously - but when they do, be prepared for low vibrations and an internal sound. Thanks to not having to run continuously, compressor wine coolers have an improved energy rating and offer the most noise reduction.


Making Your Wine Fridge Quieter

A loud wine fridge might seem unavoidable, but not when you try some key steps. We recommend changing the position of your wine fridge - freestanding models are some of the loudest storage units on the market today, and although they have plenty of benefits, they can be quite loud. The quietest refrigerator type would be one that operates on a much smaller scale, such as a mini fridge.

All types of refrigeration have the potential to emit noise, but if you have a noisy fridge freezer, the last thing you want is to have an equally loud wine fridge too. Integrated or built-in storage facilities are much quieter than those that are left freestanding, so it could be worth changing your wine fridge to one that requires installation into cabinet space.

Although it can seem a far-fetched idea, making subtle changes around your home could help quieten down your wine fridge. Implementing sound-absorbing materials throughout your home could help massively when it comes to looking at ways to make your fridge silent.

Heavy curtains, thick carpets and plush furnishings are all decorative additions to have in your home that can help absorb sound. We understand that this option isn’t for everyone, with many people wanting to keep their interior style how it is regardless of how loud their wine fridge gets.


Dunavox Wine Fridges

The ultimate way to be free of a noisy, unreliable wine fridge is by shopping at Dunavox. If you want to improve your fridge noise level, we offer a wide range of different styles available throughout our seven collections - it’ll be easier than ever to find your dream storage unit.

Our team is dedicated to making sure that our loyal customers have the best selection to choose from, which is why we offer such a diverse range. Manufactured and designed with excellence in mind at all times, each Dunavox wine fridge is crafted with hard-wearing, top-quality materials.

There will be no soundproofing needed when you purchase a Dunavox wine fridge - each model has the best energy efficiency rating and offers vibration-free storing, as well as humidity control and fan-assisted cooling.