The 10 Commandments Of Wine

  • 2022-04-14

1. Wine is not snobby but fun; it’s not exclusive but out there for everyone to enjoy!

2. No two bottles of wine are alike. Wine has a “sense of place” or terroir, which means it tastes like the place where the grapes grew. That’s the beauty of it.

3. Less than 5% of all wine is meant to age. Most wine is best enjoyed young. Expect to pay a premium for age-worthy wine, though — some wines will evolve for decades!

4. There’s no such thing as the “best” wine; there’s a fitting wine for every meal and occasion. Don’t worry too much about scores and points.

5. Wine and food pairings are all about creativity. This is no hard science. Find the combinations you enjoy and share them with your loved ones. Did someone say wine party?

6. You need not splurge to enjoy wine; there’s a lot of great wine at all price points. The most appealing wines are not all that expensive.

7. Taste, taste, taste. That’s the only way to learn about wine. Most importantly, you learn about yourself!

8. Hit the books. The more you know about the world of wine, the more you enjoy it. Learn about wine regions and traditions worldwide, about grapes and producers.

9. The best wine is the one you still haven’t tried. Don’t stick to the same-old grapes and regions; try new things at every opportunity.

10. Wine is more than a boozy drink; it takes you places. Tour the world through your taste buds!


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