The Cost of Storing Wine In A Wine Fridge

  • 2022-09-23

So, what’s the cost of storing wine? Proper wine storage is key - having a designated space for your bottles with the right temperature zones means the flavours and aromas will be enhanced. Perfect for family events, wine fridges offer a place to show off and store your alcohol.

With the disadvantage of having heavy vibrations, tight bottle capacity and an inconsistent temperature, regular fridges aren’t as efficient as a wine storage facility that chills your wine accordingly. Unlike spirits such as vodka or gin, white wine, rosé, Champagne and sparkling prosecco need a much cooler environment to thrive.

Yes, having a wine cooler can add to your electricity bill, but with the long list of benefits, the extra charge is most definitely worth it. A cold temperature and low humidity are crucial to have when you're looking for fine wine storage - you’ll be able to enjoy a glass of wine more when you know it’s been chilled correctly. At Dunavox, we take pride in being able to provide top-quality wine fridges for our customers. If you’re interested in finding out the cost of storing wine in a wine fridge, continue reading.

Why is a Wine Fridge Beneficial?

Wine fridges are extremely beneficial to have integrated within your home. If you’re an avid wine drinker and like to relax after a long working week, there’s nothing more enjoyable than chilling your bottles in your very own cooler. Wine fridges are considerably lower in price, modern and convenient compared to cellars. Being both a place to store your wine and somewhere to show off your collections, wine fridges are easily the best kitchen accessory on the market today.

At Dunavox, we know that people house a variety of different-sized wine collections, which is why we stock fridges with a range of capacities. No matter whether your collection is small or large, keeping your wine in a designated fridge will have various benefits. Regular household fridges are being opened and closed all the time - something that can be harmful to wine that needs to be maintained at a constant, cool temperature. An everyday fridge typically has two settings which fluctuate the temperature throughout the day, this can be damaging to fragile wines with delicate notes.


Wine Fridges: Cost Breakdown

Compared to regular fridges, wine fridges use considerably less amount of energy. Typically around 10 to 20 degrees warmer, wine fridges don't require as much maintenance, energy or upkeep as you might think. Just like a household fridge, the bigger it is, the more energy it will use. If you’re wanting to accommodate a big collection of bottles, be prepared for more electricity to be used. In most homes, you’ll find a small to medium-sized wine fridge. Smaller wine fridges are easier to install into kitchens, home bars and wall space. There are many interior benefits that come with having a small wine fridge, especially if you’re trying to make your pre-existing decor more stylish.

The cost of a wine fridge varies, usually by size and model. If you’re a passionate wine collector, having a designated wine fridge is just as important as the fridge you have for your food. The most efficient wine fridge design is freestanding, which comes with the added bonus of being able to move it to different areas of your home whenever you like. So, just how much does it cost to run a wine fridge? The two main styles of wine fridges are thermoelectric and compressors. With many pros and cons to both thermoelectric and compressors, let's take a look at the impact each one could have energy-wise.


Thermoelectric Wine Fridge

With no vibrations or humming noise, thermoelectric wine fridges operate soundlessly. Having a silent wine fridge makes a change to having a continuous sound coming from your kitchen, which is why most people opt for a thermoelectric model.

Typically, a thermoelectric wine fridge offers storage for around 12 to 18 bottles. Although there’s an extensive list of benefits to having a thermoelectric fridge, they do need to stay running constantly. Due to their continuous need to stay powered, they don’t offer a great energy comparison to compressors. Thermoelectric cooling uses the well-known Peltier effect to stay running, which consists of two pieces of metal working together to keep external heat out and internal parts cold.


Compressor Wine Fridge

When it comes to wine fridges, compressor models cost more upfront but decrease your energy bills considerably. For many people, having a lower upfront cost when you’re purchasing a wine fridge seems better, but this usually means they could cost more to actually run. Compressor wine fridges are bigger in size, often used by collectors who have an array of different wines to accommodate. Although compressors are noisier, they aren't as sensitive to outside temperatures as thermoelectric fridges are, meaning they have great energy efficiency.

Unlike thermoelectric styles, compressors only turn on when they detect that the temperature needs to be regulated. Depending on how much you need to go to your wine fridge, the motor integrated inside it will kickstart, which reserves the cooling effect - this means the more the door is opened, the more energy your compressor fridge will use. How much energy a compressor fridge uses all depends on the size, but generally, they run on around 12 volts. If you’re unsure about how much energy your thermoelectric or compressor wine fridge will use, feel free to contact a member of our team.


Wine Fridges at Dunavox

Whether it’s Italian fine wine or a case of shop-bought wine, our Dunavox wine fridges will be able to store them accordingly. With a wide range of integrated, under-counter, freestanding and large-capacity fridges available on our site, you won’t look back once you find the right wine cooler. If you want to share a cold bottle of wine with a friend or family member, having it stored at the right serving temperature is crucial. Our fridges come in a range of sizes, ready to become a part of your home furniture.

Although the cost of a wine fridge can vary, don’t let it put you off making a purchase. Like all household electrics, wine fridges will use energy regardless. We recommend all wine drinkers take a look at our fridges and consider implementing one into their home - the positive benefits that they have is extensive.

With simple product listings and a drop-down menu including all the relevant information that you need to know, finding a wine fridge has never been easier. Dunavox is one of the leading wine fridge specialists in the UK, providing top-quality products for a number of years. If you need any help when it comes to choosing the right wine fridge, our Dunavox team are on hand every day.