What Does A Wine Storage Facility Do?

  • 2023-01-27

A wine storage facility is a designated space or unit that’s able to hold bottle collections for long periods of time. If you’re a wine investor, collector or connoisseur, you could significantly benefit from having an efficient wine storage facility in your home or commercial place.

Whether you’re storing red, white, rosè or Champagne, fine wine storage comes with an array of advantages. The definition of wine storage is typically a cellar - a room that’s situated below ground level, ideal for storing wine at the right temperature.

Thanks to advanced technology, different types of wine storage facilities are becoming increasingly popular, with bespoke wine cellars becoming less prevalent in comparison to fridges. A wide selection of wine fridges and coolers are available across the Dunavox website, ideal for those wanting to store their wines in the best way possible.

Our customers are important to us, which is why we dedicate such a vast amount of time during the manufacturing stages to ensure they get the most out of their wine storage facility. If you’re in need of a reliable, long-lasting storage unit, whether it be a dual-zone wine cooler or a single-zone under-counter model, Dunavox is the right place to be.

So, what does a wine storage facility really do? Wine storage facilities protect your wine collection, guarding your bottles against harsh lighting and UV rays. Wine coolers are ideal if you’re wanting to prevent any unwanted odours from lingering. As well as protecting your collections, storage units also help wine age efficiently long-term. Read on to find out more.


The Benefits of Having a Wine Storage Facility

Regardless of your collection size, it’s crucial to have an efficient storage system in place for wine collections. Not only can having a wine storage facility in your home or commercial space allow you to hold bottles of all shapes and sizes in the correct temperature range, but it also keeps an array of different wine variants safe in one place.

As well as maintaining temperature levels, expert storage facilities help keep humidity levels low. Humidity is just as big of a factor as temperature, being one of the main causes of deteriorated wine. Although avid wine drinkers enjoy using the popular method of a decanter for red wine, most modern-day storage units allow all wine variants to be stored in dual-zone settings.

Whether it’s Burgandy, Bordeaux, Prosecco or Champagne, you’ll have no issue storing all of your collections in the same place, at the same time. Both vintage and newly made wines can be stored in the same unit, which is ideal for those who have a vast array of different ages wines within their collection.

Perfect for social events or gatherings, reaching for a bottle of wine will be able to be done conveniently, whilst impressing family and friends. Storage facilities look great within your home, often adding a modern touch to your existing decor. Our range of wine coolers and fridges is manufactured with hard-wearing, durable materials that are designed to last.


Wine Storage Facility Features

With integrated ventilation systems, touchscreen technology and white LED lighting implemented into a plethora of our wine storage models, you’ll be able to reap the advantages of the features that come with each design. With a spectrum of various wine storage facilities available within our collections, finding the right design that suits your requirements best won’t be an issue.

Unlike a traditional wine cellar, storage units offer the same key features with a modern approach. Having clear lighting and temperature control is necessary when you’ve bought a cooling unit for your home. Dunavox offers a varied selection of wine storage facilities suited to all collections, regardless of the bottle capacity in favour.

Whether you have a small collection that you’re looking to expand or a larger exhibition that simply requires somewhere to age accordingly in, you’ll be able to find your dream product by browsing the Dunavox website.

Our wine storage experts know first-hand the array of disadvantages that many cooling units come with, which is why we’ve made sure our designs have the best features that are going to benefit your collections massively in the long run.

Frequent vibrations are known to disturb the lying sediments that are found at the bottom of wine bottles, which is why it was so important to our design and production team to offer storage facilities that offer vibration-free storage.


Wine Storage Facilities at Dunavox

Founded in the UK, Dunavox is a reputable, well-known company within the industry. Having provided top-quality products since becoming established many years ago, it’s clear to see how the business has managed to maintain an excessive amount of loyal customers.

Integrated, under-counter, freestanding and large-capacity storage systems are available across our site, giving customers a wide scope of products to choose from. We take all circumstances into consideration, which is why we offer such a vast array of different-sized models.

Our coolers are the ideal gift for loved ones who need a reliable storage facility after purchasing a bottle collection from their wine merchant. As well as being able to store all types of wine variants, our cooling systems can hold non-alcoholic drinks and spirits. It’s our duty to ensure customers get the highest quality of service at all times, including delivery.

We deliver to both the UK and the Republic of Ireland. We’re aware that it’s our responsibility as a company to get your goods delivered to you in an efficient time, and with the best team of delivery drivers, we’re able to make that possible.

It can be daunting buying your first wine storage facility, which is why our team remain on hand at all times of the day to offer expert advice. Our friendly team look forward to helping new, potential customers pick out their dream storage unit. To speak directly with a member of staff here at Dunavox, call us on 01244 681 369 - alternatively, email us at sales.gb@dunavox.com.