What Is A Wine Cooler? A Dunavox Guide

  • 2022-09-02

What exactly is a wine cooler? Compared to regular household fridges, wine coolers act as a designated space to store wine. Having adapted from a typical wine cellar, coolers are specifically designed and manufactured for holding bottles and keeping them at the perfect temperature. Available in an array of different sizes, our Dunavox wine coolers are made to suit any size collection.

Coolers often stay at around 10-15 degrees Celcius, which is the recommended temperature to store your wine in. With wine coolers on the rise, there’s no wonder you want to browse our collections. If you’re interested in learning more about wine coolers and what they are, continue reading our guide.


Why are Wine Coolers so Popular?

Wine coolers are popular amongst many due to their stylish appearance and simplicity. Able to maintain a constant temperature that keeps your wine in the best condition possible, wine coolers also help improve the overall taste and flavour.

With the first wine cooler being sold in 1981, wine coolers quickly peaked in popularity. Fast forward to the 2020s, and wine coolers are still being used in many homes and commercial spaces across the world. As many wine drinkers will know, sitting down with a glass in your hand and taking that first sip is something we all look forward to after a long working week - but there’s something much more exciting about chilling your bottle in a wine cooler beforehand. Keeping your wine in a specific area means that you won’t be interrupting the chilling process as much as you would if you were to keep your wine in a regular fridge. Wine coolers help to gradually lower the temperature, whilst maintaining a high humidity level - something that contributes massively to the taste and overall quality of your wine.


Does Wine Taste Better After Being in a Wine Cooler?

Put simply, yes. Wine coolers help lift delicate aromas and amplify acidity levels in white wine, Prosecco, rosé and Champagne. If wine is left at the wrong temperature for too long, certain flavours could become muted, which ruins the taste altogether.

The notes that are found in wine are precious, being able to differentiate the floral, herbal and acidic aromas in wine makes it so much more interesting to drink. If wine becomes too warm, certain scents and flavours could become increasingly overpowering. Unlike reds, white and rosé wine sometimes requires the help of a cooler temperature to accentuate their main flavours.


Different Types of Wine Coolers

Wine coolers come in all different sizes, whether it be integrated, built-in or freestanding. If you’re interested in purchasing a wine cooler from Dunavox but not sure which type to go for, read on.



Integrated wine coolers often require a little bit more work regarding the installation process, but once they’re securely in, the benefits are never-ending. Said to be the best way to store wine, integrated wine coolers can be fitted into your kitchen space and offer a seamless finish, which is one of the main reasons why this style has proven to be so popular. At Dunavox, we’ve seen first-hand how stylish and sleek an integrated wine fridge can look in a kitchen. Able to be fitted anywhere in your kitchen space, integrated wine coolers give you much free rein when it comes to deciding where it should go.

With the smallest of our integrated fridges measuring 455 x 590 x 550mm, you also have the choice to fit your cooler into tighter spaces such as walls. We aim to create a wide range of different cooler variations to make sure our customers can find the perfect spot for it with ease. With safety being one of our top priorities, we recommend having your integrated wine cooler installed away from appliances that generate heat.



Similar to integrated coolers, built-in coolers (also known as under-counter coolers) are designed to be installed underneath countertop spaces, breakfast bars and kitchen cabinets. As part of our Dunavox Flow Collection, all our wine coolers are made to fit the height of a typical kitchen counter - shopping for a wine cooler has never been easier.

One of our largest built-in wine coolers can hold up to 46 bottles of wine, whereas the smallest built-in cooler holds just nine. We aim to make all of our coolers in an array of dimensions to ensure that all our customers can home their collection efficiently. Unlike thermoelectric wine coolers, we use compressor wine coolers to keep your wine at the right temperature. By placing your built-in wine cooler near cookers, dishwashers or other appliances prone to generating heat, your cooler might not work to the best of its ability.



Allowing the freest reign, freestanding wine coolers are perfect for those who own a larger wine collection. The beauty of freestanding wine coolers is that you’re not stuck on choosing one designated area to keep it in, and unlike integrated and built-in coolers, you’ll be able to take your freestanding cooler with you if you decide to move premises. Our freestanding wine coolers have a variety of key features, such as modern glass doors, touch-to-open technology and a dual temperature zone. Typically used in commercial spaces such as bars, restaurants or pubs, freestanding wine coolers are proving to be just as popular for homeowners looking to display their collections.

For those that really want to show off their collection, you’ll be glad to know our freestanding coolers come with multi-LED lighting, available in a variety of colour options. Being easy to install, repair and move around, we recommend that everyone browses through our freestanding cooler range.


Dunavox Wine Coolers

Being experts in wine storage, our team has all the vital knowledge when it comes to choosing the correct wine cooler. Compared to many other wine cooler brands, Dunavox is committed to being on hand for our customers. If you require any additional information on our products, feel free to contact a member of our team or email us using the contact details displayed on our site.