Wine Shelf vs Wine Cooler - Which Is Best?

  • 2023-03-06

There are many different types of storage methods for storing your wines. From wine coolers and wine cellars to wine racks, these methods of storage are all great ways to store your wine. There are so many storage methods for wine bottles that it can get confusing, right? You may be confused about which storage method is best and why there are so many different types of storage options…

You’re not alone! Throughout this blog, we will be discussing the different types of storage options available as well as the differences between a wine shelf and a wine cooler. Moreover, we will be discussing the overall best wine storage method! Do you want to learn more? If so read on and we can promise that after this blog you will never be confused again!


What is a Wine Rack?

A wine rack or wine shelf is one of the many different ways you can store your wine. Ideal wine bottles need humidity levels higher than 50% as low humidity levels can cause the cork to dry out and become brittle. A wine bottle should be stored sideways to allow the cork to stay moist therefore preventing oxidation. A wine bottle rack is also a great glass holder and provides excellent support for the bottles and other glassware.

Wine racks often feature an open-face front, back and sides. They are much cheaper than wine coolers, however, this is because wine racks don’t offer any of the features that wine coolers do. A wine rack simply offers a shelf and support for wine glasses whereas a wine cooler offers many more features that allow you to preserve your wine for longer. Most wine racks are made from different types of wood such as pine, cedar, mahogany and redwood. Mahogany is an ideal choice for a wine rack as it is highly durable and will not change shape in high humidity levels.

Iron and stainless steel racks are another popular choice with wine racks as their metallic material will last a while. A wine rack is usually found in kitchens as stainless steel is very resistant towards any staining or corrosion.

Although a wine rack may be cheap and aesthetically pleasing, they provide no humidity or temperature controls like wine coolers do. They are simply just a storage method with no protective features, therefore, it is your responsibility to store your wine racks in a suitable place such as away from sunlight. Finally, there are chemicals in certain paints on the wood rack that can sometimes seep through into the wine. This is why wine racks aren’t exactly suitable for storing expensive or vintage wines.


What is a Wine Cooler?

Wine coolers are designed and manufactured for holding bottles and keeping them at the correct temperature. Wine coolers often stay at a temperature of around 10-15 degrees. Here at Dunavox, our wine coolers offer:

  • UV light protection
  • Humidity control
  • Shelves for your wine bottles
  • vibration-free storing

Not only do wine coolers look aesthetically pleasing, but they can also range in capacity from small (6 bottle units) up to large models which allow room for around 160 wine bottles. A wine cooler is an excellent way to preserve your wine effectively. Wine coolers are designed to limit the amount of vibration from the motor so that the wine is not stirred up or affected in any way. This helps with the wine's natural ageing process allowing you to preserve and store your wine for much longer.

They also come with bottle racks to allow you to lie your wine down safely on its side. This is to keep the cork moist and prevent any oxidation from occurring. Here at Dunavox, we offer a range of wine coolers from integrated to freestanding - the options are endless. For more information on the different types of wine coolers we offer, make sure to visit our ‘products’ section on our website.

Wine coolers not only offer an excellent storage method for your home, but they also enhance the aroma of your wine. This allows your wine to taste and smell just as good as when you first got it. By now we all know that storing your wine in a fridge or a cupboard is not the correct way to store your wine. This is because they don’t offer the correct features to allow for the long preservation of your wine. Therefore, a wine cooler or a wine rack is your best option to correctly age your wine.


Which Storage Method is Best to Store Your Wine

We have discussed the different types of wine storage methods such as a wine rack and a wine cooler. But, which is the overall best storage method for your wine? Although a wine rack is a much cheaper option, they don't offer any protective features for your wine whereas a wine cooler does. We believe that a wine cooler is by far the best investment. Although wine racks may look nice and may not take up alot of space, they expose wine bottles to heat, different temperatures, humidity, sunlight and much more.

Overall, wine coolers are by far a more effective way to preserve your wine compared to wine racks. This is because a wine cooler will combat these problems and they are fairly inexpensive. A wine rack does not provide any key features to help preserve your wine apart from a shelf to hold your wine glasses or wine bottles.

Wine coolers come in a variety of different sizes to allow you to store as many wine bottles as you want - whereas a wine rack has limited storage space and is not made out of strong materials compared to a wine cooler. Shop our selection of wine coolers today - we have freestanding wine coolers, integrated wine coolers and built-in wine coolers that can be fitted seamlessly into your home. Some have amazing features and accessories such as LED lights and humidity control.