Dunavox Soul Vs Dunavox Glance: Our Guide

  • 2022-11-09

At Dunavox, we have a variety of different luxury wine coolers designed to perfectly store your wine collections while making them easily accessible and in keeping with your interior design ideas. These collections range from our large capacity Dunavox Grande collection to the under-counter coolers in our Flow collection, each allowing us to deliver a completely unique and personalised experience to the user while still giving a professional feel to your home.

Two of our most popular collections are Dunavox Glance and Dunavox Soul, two product types that many people may confuse with one another. Both are designed as integrated wine coolers - however, with some slight differences. Throughout this blog, we will be exploring these differences and some of the key factors that may be the deciding factors in buying one or the other.


Integrated Wine Coolers

An integrated wine cooler is a wine cooler that is designed to be installed into a cabinet space. These coolers are primarily placed in the kitchen and can be integrated into any surface to give a seamless look. Installing these coolers in your home can be more complicated and will take more time than a freestanding cooler as these can be placed anywhere, in any room without the need for cabinet space. However, these built-in wine coolers will fit right at home into any space you decide, providing excellent, sleek wine storage for all of your needs.

The installation of these coolers can be difficult for people who have little or no experience in these types of fittings. Therefore, it could be beneficial for you to find a professional who can do this for you, to ensure that the stress can be lifted from your shoulders and can focus on more valuable aspects of your life. There are plenty of people qualified to provide you with this service and they are very easy to get in contact with.

Integrated coolers can come in a selection of different sizes dependent on the space they must be installed into. The capacity for many of our larger Dunavox Integrated Wine Coolers tends to be around 114 bottles.


Dunavox Soul

Our Dunavox Soul collection includes integrated wine coolers of various shapes and sizes, ranging from fridges that are able to store as many as 18 - 89 individual bottles of wine. Dunavox Soul offers sleek and modern designs for perfect integration into most modern kitchen designs, delivering both single-zone and dual-zone wine coolers depending on the types of wine that you plan to store.

Our Soul collection also offers humidity control and LED lighting. The humidity control that these wine coolers have allows you to take control of your wine’s storage humidity to optimise it is stored in optimal conditions. Wine may need a small amount of humidity in order to keep the cork moist and ensure that it remains in place, however, too much can completely ruin your wine.

The LED lighting has been added exclusively to our Soul collection of Integrated Wine Coolers to add a modern look to your wine displays while lighting them beautifully in the dark. These lights can be purchased in blue, white and amber.


Dunavox Glance

At Dunavox, our Glance collection is perfect for integrated wine coolers to fit into your kitchen aesthetic. As this niche becomes more and more popular, our glance collection has become very sought-after in the wine-cooling industry.

This collection features coolers ranging in size from a bottle capacity of 18 to 114 bottles, larger than our Soul collection, and all are wonderfully integrated to fit any kitchen space. An important thing to note is to ensure that the wine cooler that you order has the correct measurements required to fit into its placed space in your kitchen as well as the specifications you need for the type of wine you plan to store.

This is vital to note as if you were to pay a lot of money towards the cooler and quick delivery only to find that your wine fridge does not fit your space, then this could provide an issue with waiting for a return or refund before you can purchase another one. When looking at the optimal wine cooler for your kitchen, Dunavox Glance can deliver the sleek, modern and stylish designs you are looking for and is definitely something to consider while you look for the perfect wine fridge for your needs. 



So, for all of our wine connoisseurs reading this blog, we have many reasons to recommend both our Glance and Soul collections. Despite their differences, they are equally as classy and luxurious to own and will fit in perfectly with your interior decor when installed in your home. Dunavox Glance offers integrated luxury into your kitchen worktops for seamless transitions into single zone wine cooling and Dunavox Soul delivers large, yet perfectly integrated, coolers for your larger wine collections - may that be for hosting your regular dinner parties or celebrating something special with your loved ones.

These two collections are perfect for all types of wine cooling and can provide a sleek and wonderfully integrated design to blend into your ambient atmosphere. These are suited for all types of wine drinkers whether these will be used frequently or only on social occasions, there are no bounds to the scenarios in which you can deploy these expertly designed coolers. These lavish wine fridges can provide a brand new experience to deliver excellently cooled wine from your expertly integrated and designed wine cooler from Dunavox. Our coolers can be found on our website here.