Reasons To Buy An Integrated Wine Fridge

  • 2022-12-02

When buying a wine cooler, there are plenty of different considerations for you to think about before making such a committed purchase. Wine coolers can be built by a variety of different brands and perform entirely differently from one another depending on their build.

Wine fridges tend to come in two forms: integrated and freestanding wine coolers, both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. Throughout this blog, we will be discussing some of the reasons why someone may consider buying an integrated wine cooler ahead of a freestanding one.


What is an Integrated Wine Cooler?

An integrated wine cooler is a wine fridge built into an existing area such as your worktops or kitchen decor in order for you to store your wine in a wonderfully integrated package. These can be designed to fit any space that you desire depending on measurements, size and the overall aesthetic of your storage space.

These can provide single-zone and dual-zone cooling meaning that they are able to deliver wine cooling at multiple temperatures within the same wine cabinet for storage of both red and white wines. They are perfect for ensuring that your wine is stored at the optimum temperature and are sleek and modern in their designs, fitting in with your indoor decorations.


Seamless Integration

As the name suggests, integrated wine coolers are designed to wonderfully fit in with your workspaces and decor. Wine cabinets are often bought by people looking for long-term wine storage therefore it is important to find a wine fridge that can be placed seamlessly into your home.

Freestanding wine coolers do not offer this level of seamless storage in your kitchen however they do generally offer higher bottle capacity options as they are not constricted in height, as many integrated coolers must be short to fit into kitchen countertops. The integrated cooling system provides a chilled, light beverage served at the perfect temperature and constructed in an expertly crafted cabinet of luxurious wines.



If a wine cooler is not in keeping with a person’s specific decor ideas then this could completely sway a person one way or the other. The designs of integrated wine coolers are made specifically to fit in with most people’s kitchen aesthetics, making this a huge advantage of integrated wine coolers over freestanding ones. Many integrated wine coolers are built with glass doors to make them seem at home in your storage room depending on where you decide to place them.


Size and Capacity

As we have previously mentioned, freestanding wine coolers tend to have more space for bottles due to their lack of restrictions on their height however this does not mean that integrated coolers are small. The bottle capacity for one of the larger Dunavox integrated wine fridges is around 114 bottles, showing the great lengths that these wine fridges can go.

On top of this, it is important to note that many of our freestanding wine coolers are also simultaneously able to be installed as integrated coolers too. The size of the cooler you choose is incredibly important, especially for integration, as the area in which you choose to store your wine fridge may be unsuitable for your chosen cooler.



Of course, one of the most crucial things you should consider when considering buying an integrated wine cooler is where you will position your wine fridge. This is especially important when buying an integrated wine cooler as you must take into consideration the amount of space that you have at your disposal vs the amount of space required for the wine fridge to fit into. Wine refrigeration is important to many people making it of paramount importance that integrated wine fridges can be placed in an array of different places from within the home.


Integrated vs Freestanding

When you’re buying a wine cooler, one of the main things that you will need to compare will be whether you should purchase an integrated or a freestanding wine cooler. Integrated wine coolers are for people who want seamless integration into their already existing worktops with many people opting for these types of coolers when they are long-term wine drinkers.

Freestanding wine coolers, however, are much cheaper and require much less forethought in terms of positioning and placement as they can be moved afterwards if the initial proposed position is not suitable. This can be a comfort for many people who may wish to simply have their wine fridge as an accessory and not interwoven into their entire kitchen set-up.

This also provides some benefits of being much cheaper than their integrated counterparts as this may sway first-time buyers to go with the cheaper option as they may not have a preference for built-in or freestanding wine coolers.



To conclude, there are many reasons why you may wish to purchase an integrated wine cooler for your wine refrigeration needs. Buying your first integrated wine fridge can be daunting, especially if you are not aware of the many fantastic benefits that they present to you, however, there is an endless number of wonderful features that these wine coolers can provide you with.

At Dunavox, we supply expertly built and designed wine fridges for all types of wine drinkers from connoisseurs to casuals, you can be assured that we have the perfect wine fridge for you. We house various collections of different wine coolers such as our Dunavox Glance to Dunavox Soul meaning you can dive deeper into the specific range of wine coolers that are more suitable for your situation. If you are in need of any extra resources, support services then you can get in touch at 0333 577 6466.